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How accurate are dreams?

What are dreams made of? Could it prefect the future? I was wondering because Ive heard of some people who hinge their luck upon dreams. There was a time my mother bought tickets to a bingo game organized by our our fellow friends the night before the big day. I dreamed that my mom was happily showing mine here winnings from the bingo game. But to my appointment's we did.not win anything.
As far as what I know and believe, dreams do not have special powers. Dreams are part of our subconscious mind working out all sorts of things we took in during the waking life. Which means that I believe that dreams can in fact predict what would happen based on what we know already.

For example, you can pick up some sort of uneasy tension between two people subconsciously, and throughout your dream you might see them fighting as your mind dredges up random things it picked up during the day and tries to work them out. IF the fight actually does happen you go 'whoa. I saw that in a dream.'

However, what I don't believe is that dreams can guess lotto numbers or have any clairvoyance into the future.
I don't see any power in my dreams, but I do think that there are gifted people who have the ability to dream about the future.
in science dreams are of 2 types one represents our unfulfilled desires and our fears related to our present and future and the other type is depend on our body conditions, our sleeping atmosphere sounds in our surrounding. but there is another type which is not include in science but it is a branch of parapsychology. this type of dream deals with the secrets of nature and sometimes with the up coming future incidents.
this quality is depended on the individual differences. a few people posses it naturally while the others few develop it by efforts and mind exercises like yoga, murakba, telipethi etc.
and there are some other peoples who feel this quality for short durations of time. mostly religious people have this quality naturally because religious people don't take burden of lot of wishes, they don't have craze to become rich and famous, and they don't have fear of any power or future but only of God and they know that they are God friends,
in short by getting rid of your wishes,desires,frustations and fears you can to develop this quality in you! Smile
i think some dreams are from your past experience and your imaginations,and mixed together...

maybe some day in the future it would come true.
That's right cliffer past experience and our imaginations mixed together however if we are thinking some things or very important thing we might that cause also dreams? or nightmares are one thing, but these were so lifelike, it took me a while to separate the dream from reality after waking. I still recall each sensory detail of those dreams in all their horror.
I don't think dreams could predict the future, but it could tell you what's going on in your life. Dreams communicate with symbols, and by interpreting them, you could maybe solve problems in your life or....things like that. Interpreting dreams is very interesting. Smile
dreams are imaginations only... making the past to come back again... somehow, it may be a

a way to know to what would happened in the future...
The dream is secret.
I believe its a matter of personal experience... whoever would say he has dreams that give hints about the future, people wouldnt believe it... and if someone had them, then whats the deal with trying to convince people? they know what they know, I dont see what else really matters.

Also, wouldnt it be boring to know what tomorrow is made of anyway?
dreams are real and from God.
he sends messages to his children through dreams.
directions come from dreams.
i believe in dreams they are for our deliverance and our good.
I think different religion give defferent apocalypse throuht dream,and
some people can feel disaster in their dream in advance for example this Japaese big earthquke.

Greatking wrote:
dreams are real and from God.
he sends messages to his children through dreams.
directions come from dreams.
i believe in dreams they are for our deliverance and our good.
Dreams are real and God.

It sends messages to his children through dreams.

instructions will be dreams.

I believe in dreams they have for our deliverance and our good.
Dreams are not nearly accurate. That's just your underconciousness. I doubt whether dreams can predict the future.
It is said that dreams that are brought to people by Demons does not happen in real life
and dreams that are brought to people by Angels come true (happen in real life ) .
It is also said that this depends on how much the person who is seeing the dream
is Honest , they say that people who are always Liars
never see a dream that come true .
This is all i know about this issue
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