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Gordon Campbell resigns!

Did you sing "ding dong the witch is dead" or did you mourn and sing psalm 23?
LittleBlackKitten wrote:
Did you sing "ding dong the witch is dead" or did you mourn and sing psalm 23?
Neither of the two ..... Smile I'm just happy he resigned, period. I've never liked the guy. I was still living in Vancouver, BC at the time when he was elected. Amazing however how long he managed to stay on in that position? Usually there is always a scandal or something that trips up the BC Premiers within their first few years. What a hypocrite he is however, saying that it is time for him to step down "now". That time has been around for much longer than that. And he knew it! The last election spoke for itself.
I think it's a bit late and was a long time coming for him to admit he screwed up and to get off the throne and go the hell home.

While I think HST was a good idea, he did it all the wrong way; with the wrong agenda, not asking anyone, not getting opinions and support, not getting constructive criticism, or anything.

If he had first marketed the idea, explained the expanse of BC's debt, held a generic opinion vote, worked on better marketing, edit where edit needs, re-vote, then start the tax, it would have been far better received.

The biggest issues of the HST were:

1. No one else was asked.
2. People focus on the "extra" taxes on things they never had to before.
3. People focus on the items that only had 5% tax on it, and now has 12%.
4. No one cares that HST means more government spending money.
5. HST hits hardest on low-income families, where the rich feel little difference.

If Campbell had only done it the way I said before, it would create:

1. People were asked, and gave opinions, which were heard, and edited. Some still gripe, but the masses agree.
2. People notice a little extra fees here and there, but don't mind it, as they can see it working in the community, and roads, and programs offered.
3. People notice a jump in some items, but like above, notice the positive effects.
4. People see that government spending has increased, BC has no more debt, and things are on the incline, even if it means spending a little less from personal budget.
5. HST hits everyone equally, some simply have more flexible money, but look at that HST rebate check that has DOUBLED almost...

IMO, he did it all wrong, and shot himself in the foot.
LittleBlackKitten wrote:
I think it's a bit late and was a long time coming for him to admit he screwed up and to get off the throne and go the hell home.
People have not been happy with him from almost the beginning when he first was voted in. I think he just became the "devil we know" for lack of any other really viable alternatives. Also, there are too many parties, and they do tend to split votes.

I also wonder (and do not really know, this is just a guess) whether the Winter Olympics could have been a drain on finances, as well as a typical scenario where there had been complete lack of communication with the citizens of specifically Vancouver and also Vancouver Island. The organizers spent themselves into a debt frenzy, all of it aimed at making money, and none of it really happening. Also treating it like the "emperor not wearing clothes", as even after the Olympics came and went, the Mayor and everyone else said this was a long-term investment in future trade with Vancouver.
On Sunday, January 18, 2009 an emergency meeting convened by the BC Legislature approved Bill 47, allowing the City of Vancouver unlimited access to additional funds for the development of the Olympic Village. The estimated new total cost is CAN$1 billion to build VVL, approximately CAN$ 467 million dollars were required by the City of Vancouver to complete the project. The project ran into financial woes late last year as well as the lender, Fortress Investment Group, a controversial New York hedge fund, stopped payments to the developer. Bill 47 is an unusual amendment to the charter for the Olympics in that it changes the original requirement that all additional borrowing is prohibited without a public referendum, and also that it was until this legislation was passed that it was illegal for the City of Vancouver to pursue such financial dealings. The money was borrowed from a company with connections to Fortress, meaning that the city, in order to meet its Olympics commitments, was forced to go into debt borrowed from the same fund that defaulted on its own commitments, requiring extraordinary proceedings in the legislature to amend the city's charter to allow it to borrow, and also underwriting the loan were the city to default on the loan

Source: Wikipedia
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