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Transparent boost pedals (guitar gear)

I'm looking for some suggestions here.

I play a Fender '66 Classic Jaguar (CIJ 2009) through a 1972 Fender Twin Reverb. As you may know, the Jaguar has a very bright tone, and the Twin is a very clean amp and is very difficult to get to overdrive (it does take overdrive/distortion pedals quite nicely though). If I have the Vibrato channel volume pretty high and hit it with a high output guitar, like something equipped with hot humbuckers, I can start to get some preamp overdrive from the Twin, and I kinda like its tonal character.
Unfortunately, the '66 Classic Jaguar has relatively low output pickups and cannot push the Twin preamp into overdriving.

I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced boost pedal, but I really want to preserve the tonal character of the guitar as well. I know a lot of boost pedals will colour tone, thickening it up or adding extra treble... I'd like a straight boost across all frequencies, pretty much just a no frills boost in volume hitting the front of the amp. I don't want a thicker tone, I can play on of my other guitars for thick... and I don't want heightened highs, as the Jag is already pretty bright, if it gets boosted there it'd probably hurt ears Razz

Any suggestions?
Can't say I have any recommendations. If you haven't already, I would recommend posting this on Ultimate-Guitar. I'm sure you'll get a lot more help (if there's any to be given) there.
Thanks for the suggestion Smile
I'd actually started discussing this some time ago on other guitar forums I use, but thought I'd bring some gear discussion to Frih... I'd love to see more threads about instruments (any instrument really), so thought I'd try to get the ball rolling Smile

I've got my eye on the Moollon Signal Boost looks pretty much perfect... other than it's price being about triple that of others I'm looking into, like the MXR Micro Amp.
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