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Frihost Outages?

I've have been experiencing Frihost "outages" periodically over the last few days, but tonight almost regularly? Anyone else experiencing the same? The message says "Problem loading page". I have reasonably fast Internet (100Mbps), and don't have problems with downloading any other Websites.
Well I do have similar problems. Sometimes when I reload the page, it takes ages and then an error appears. (Page not found error) Like 2 minutes ago...

Maybe it has something to do with increased activity (and server loads going up or something like that?)

I regularly have the same problem, which is frustrating, since I use this for CLASS...Yeah.
Yes, the same. Plus occasionally when I enter my site or cPanel it loads soo slooow! I can't even log into wp-admin.
Yup. Frihost goes down with some regularity, but usually only for a few moments. It's annoying, but, for my uses, not a critical problem.
Had the same happening tonight, but with an added difference that reminded me of a similar problem up to a year ago when it was fixed. I get kicked out completely, i.e. have to register again. Last night it was just not loading, tonight it has happened regularly that the page can't load and then intermittently that I have to register as well. I can obviously work with it, but I just thought Bondings would like to know about the problem as this compares with no problems before. This problem only started to occur last week for me. It is unusual in other words and I thought perhaps there must be something up, maybe a Website that is out of kilter?
Thought that I should mention that posting was back to normal tonight. Effortless posting. Bondings, not sure whether you tweaked something today, but there was not a single outage or slowdown. Felt as though I was driving a Ferrari tonight. Smile

Oops! My first outage, for the evening immediately after this posting. I forgot to touch wood first! Smile
I think the same thing happens to me from time to time. The page refuses to load. However, after a minute or less, after refreshing it works again without problems. I thought it was mostly my internet connection.

It might be the internet connection at the datacenter, in that case there isn't much I can do about it, but it should hopefully get better over time. If it is something on the server, I might be able to fix it.
This morning the server had a very high server load, which seems to have caused this kind of problems. I restarted the server and it seems a lot better now.
I discovered two forums/databases that were constantly and heavily being spammed (which is very cpu intensive). After removing them, the cpu load dropped to normal values, so I guess those two were causing all the problems.
Bondings wrote:
forums/databases that were constantly and heavily being spammed (which is very cpu intensive).

Outdated scripts, prone to mass scale bot-spam, appears to be the most common cause of high server loads. Usually on abandoned/forgotten websites.
Unfortunately we come to know about these cases only after they cause severe performance degradation.

We could -
Automate detection of such outdated installations / massively spammed forums and notify the owners accordingly.
Or Even filter known spambots at server level using mod_httpbl or similar ?
The spambots were filtered away by modsecurity mostly, however it seems like it got removed during an upgrade or so. I enabled it again, let's hope it blocks some spam.

By the way, it isn't that hard to spot them. Simply sorting the accounts by disk usage and checking the top accounts already gives the worst ones.
Bondings wrote:
I discovered two forums/databases that were constantly and heavily being spammed (which is very CPU intensive). After removing them, the CPU load dropped to normal values, so I guess those two were causing all the problems.

Good to see that the issue was solved. Running the latest phpbb forum really cuts down on botters. I hadn't noticed anything but I don't check my site that often when I am in school.
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