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Icon Updates?

Ghost Rider103
I think it's time some of the icons on Frihost get updated. Most of them are what phpbb originally used to come with I think.

Here's a little example I did up real quick: We can't use those exact icons as they are copyrighted to another company. I was just using them to get the idea across to people about what the change could possibly bring. Though I can re-create something similar if the community likes them.

I would of course be willing to create all the new icons. I do know there are quite a lot icons when it comes down to it even just for the forums. But I think it would be a big plus. It would be simple to do and have a great effect.

If Bondings agrees to it, I'll get to work on some icons!
... Would be a good idea for those contests that are supposedly in the works.
Just set constraints that the icon sizes and formats must match the originals, and it would be ridiculously easy to implement the change once a winner is decided. (i.e. a 40x40 .gif icon must be replaced by a 40x40 .gif, never by a 40x60 .gif nor a 40x40 .jpg)
-The 'new post' icon within viewtopic.php could be enlarged during the same process. *nudge nudge*

(Not a fan of the globes example, by the way... Yes, the phpbb icons can certainly be improved upon, but the globes seem too, well, corporate. Though they do at least match the color scheme.)
I'm can agree with ocalhoun. I think we should do it in some type of contest like the ranks were created in. An update would be nice but nothing too flashy of course.
A fantastic idea Ghost Rider, what a contrast between your design and the current ones. Probably nice for a competition, but since you have been lately the official Frihost designer of buttons, it would be great for you to do the honours if you do have spare time on your hands. Do you have some other ideas for the buttons as I agree with Ocalhoun, the globes are a bit big and perhaps too round or something Smile Would be nice if the size of the buttons and the size of the artwork inside the buttons could stay the same? Also that it does not overpower too much?
i agree
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