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Everything freezes

This have happened two times lately so I beginning to get worried that something is wrong. Suddenly everything freezes. All I can move is the mouse cursor. The mouse cursor also freezes in regular intervals, slightly more time in freeze mode than in moving mode. Nothing works. Wherever I click or whatever keyboard combination I press nothing happens. All I can do is to reboot.
Do you think this is a hardware or a software problem? I am using Ubuntu 8.04.
there will no doubt be many people surmising as to it being either or, and im expecting there to be many people with bad English skills shouting "sound like virus, better scan and get rid, computer will get better"

as end of day, a re-install is a 20 minute job, better to be safe and remove software problem, then blame it on hardware, and spend money.
I want to know what the problem is but I have no idea where to start look. A re-install is not a 20 minutes job. All kind of other things you need to set up and running. And if I do a re-install I will not install Ubuntu, probably Arch Linux and I estimate it will take 2-3 whole days to get everything set up correctly. I plan to do that sometime in the future (latest April 2011) but not yet.

If it is a software problem I can try to find what program that fails. My guess it must be some very important program like the Linux kernel itself. But how do I know? If it's a hardware problem I can try to find what part is wrong, and repair or replace it.
This is probably related to your graphics card. Maybe it got overheated or some problematic instruction. Upgrading the drives might work (installing a new Linux version might help here indeed). Removing the dust inside your computer could help too if it is an overheating problem.
I had a problem with my graphics card recently but that was solved by removing dust around the fan. So it should not be very much dust at the moment. I don't think it is likely that it is the graphics card.

I know my Ubuntu version is old and many software versions is many years old but if the hardware stays the same, shouldn't old drivers be good enough. I mean if they have worked before why would they stop work now?

EDIT: Maybe it was not clear. It is my mouse cursor that moves, freeze, moves, freezes... Everything else is just frozen. I don't know if animations (like an animated gif in a web page) do freeze or if it's still animated because it has only occurred when I had non animated things on the screen.
Yes I also had it happen a few times that everything freezes, except for the mouse. Although most of the time the mouse also freezes.

I think the easiest solution is to upgrade the drivers of your graphics card and hope for the best. If that won't help you'll probably need to try harder stuff, like installing a new Windows or checking/replacing hardware like the power, fans or graphics card.

I found what seems like a good article about the computer freezing here: .
Fire Boar
Bondings wrote:
like installing a new Windows

He's using Linux.

To me it sounds like a hardware problem. Could you paste the contents of the file /var/log/dmesg.0? There's probably useful information in one or more of the other files in /var/log. I'd suggest asking on ubuntu's IRC channel for more informed help.
Fire Boar wrote:
To me it sounds like a hardware problem. Could you paste the contents of the file /var/log/dmesg.0? There's probably useful information in one or more of the other files in /var/log. I'd suggest asking on ubuntu's IRC channel for more informed help.

It has not happen since I started this topic. Is there any point that I post that log file anyway? It looks like it only shows prints since latest boot and dmesg.0 the one before.

I think I wait until it happens again and then check logs and ask at the Ubuntu IRC channel. It was just that it happened two times in a short time so I got worried. If I'm lucky it never happens again and I don't have to do anything. Wink
Fire Boar
Yeah, there's not much point posting the log file unless the last time the machine went down was after a crash - you're right, dmesg.0 contains the system log before the current one.
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