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Review Me!

I'm about half way through my re-build of my guild's new website, and I was curious what you guys thought.

There's a logo on the way for up top, but it's not in yet. Essentially I'll be building the entire system from and around phpBB's system.

Also of note, I designed this website primarily for Chrome and Firefox. I no longer program for internet explorer due to a lack of CSS3 support. Sorry! If you're in a browser such as opera that I don't have my hands on yet, screenshots would be appreciated.
Ghost Rider103
You have a nice start.

Unless you or someone else is already designing a logo, you should post in the Market for help. We need some action in the Marketplace, we have some great designers on Frihost.

anyways, what all did you design? Was the background image designed by you? If so, that's excellent work. I don't mean edited, but was the original digital painting of the character designed by you...

It would be a good idea to post a short "about" paragraph above the news feed. When I first came to the website, I had no clue what it was for and was confused. I hate that feeling when I come to a website. I couldn't figure out what your webiste was about either by reading anything in the news feed. I figured it had something to do with WoW, but what does it have to do with WoW?

Good luck with your website.
Well originally it was a "fansite kit" layout that looked like this:

After some edits:

  • Shifted the background (makes forest appear more dense)
  • Made background fixed
  • Removed the header
  • Pulled the border from the bottom of the old header, recolored, and set that as the new border of the page after a series of edits.
  • Feathered this image until satisfied, and placed behind the page content.

From there is was mostly all back-end work getting the phpBB functions working for the recent posts and hot topics feeds. As well as the custom shoutbox and ventrilo status scripts.

I'll consider adding an about box, our old layout had one, so that idea certainly holds merit. Cool
Ghost Rider103
Ah ok, looks much better than the original.

It seems you have moved the character to the right side of the page. I personally think it looks much better on the left. This will also make more sense once the logo is added. It won't look correct, as the logo will generally be smaller, so in the current case, it would go small to big. When really it should begin large and end in small. In other words, the character catches the most attention, so people would first look at the character and then your logo, which means their eyes will shift from right to left. This is a bit backwards. Their view should be from left to right, like normal.... does that make sense?

Also, marking the navigation in some way showing the user which page they are currently on is a good idea. It is easy to get lost on the website when you don't know where you are. Especially after reading a page for a long time and you don't know your way around the website well.

Keep up the good work though.
The character was moved to the right so that the logo would make more sense actually. I spent several hours with my graphics design friend going over how to get the logo to look right. However, I'm still playing around with it, so we'll see what happens.

In truth there's still several iterations of the logo to test. I'll just draft this up in Photoshop and position him later, in the meantime he can be hidden.
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