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The Ultimate Wnter Gig

Check this out, $40K in 4 months.
Ultimate Winter Gig
Posted on September 27, 2010 by Hannah

Go ahead, pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming! The Ultimate Mountain Gig is not a figment of your imagination. It’s for real!

With the Ultimate Mountain Gig, The Canyons Resort is providing skiers and boarders alike with the ultimate stoke for the upcoming season. How could you not get excited about winter when all this could be yours?

1. A season pass to The Canyons Resort
2. Plush digs for the season at the Waldorf Astoria
3. $40,000 for four months of “hard” work
4. Brand new gear, from head-to-toe
5. Canyons Club access
6. Airfare to and from The Canyons Resort
7. Spa treatments
8. Ski school and avalanche training clinics
9. First Tracks and Heli-Skiing access
10. VIP Credentials for all Canyons events
11. Use of camera, video camera and laptop

Sounds fantastic, huh? But you’re probably wondering what the catch is. That’s the great part about this deal – there is no catch! Here’s what’s expected of you if you win.

1. Blog about your activities at least four times per week with photos and video
2. Attend Canyons events
3. Participate in monthly Canyons activities
4. Shadow shifts with various departments – Ski Patrol, Food and Beverage, Lift Operations, etc.

First, wipe that drool from your chin. That’s not going to help you win. Second, create a 2-minute video addressing the question, “How do you mountain?” Third, don’t forget to include a little self promotion on why you deserve the Ultimate Mountain Gig. And finally, go to and apply.

It’s that easy. It’s that simple. Besides, thinking “What if?” is no way to spend a winter.
Haha, I think this is inspired by that island vacation contest where the winner gets to live on a tropical resort and just blog about the experience (while getting paid 100k)
do you personaly added with this website?
please upload some real surveys for us.
that would be pretty sweet... getting paid $40,000 for 4 months of "work"
The "work" is the sweet part. The snow there is fantastic. People spend a lot of money to vacation there.
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