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Currently playing in my front room

A couple of old friends dropped round with guitars earlier and we had an impromtu jam in my front room/studio. I thought I'd post up a couple of the rough cuts from the desk. It's all rough and ready - I wasn't expecting a recording session so the room is not setup properly, but we're having a blast so I thought I'd share Smile
(My fingers can't get round the bass like they used to tho...)
[edit - the files were running straight from a slow server on my local net here. I've stuck them on my streaming server which should mean they play better].
hmm can't seem to get either one to work (or were they only supposed to work in real time?)

Both give a

403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

Tried opening the stream in iTunes and WinAmp as well with no success.
Hmm...OK, I'll switch them to another server....will take a few mins...
Try this (serious version) (mucking around) (mucking around on the drums)

Bear in mind that these are just roughly mic'd and very roughly recorded so the quality is crap.
The songs are all Andy's (the guy on vox and lead gtr) with his brother Gaz on drums. They play together in a band called The Merkins. Andy is a very talented lad with a real story. He played in a band with my best mate Jez (now drummer with Swervedriver) when Jez and I were at college. He was starting to break into the music scene just after I left college in the mid 80s (played studio guitar on several albums, appeared on top of the pops etc). Everything was going great and then he had a massive car crash. Brain damage, months of treatment. He had to learn everything again - including how to play the guitar.

This just happened - Andy and Gaz came round for a visit and one thing led to another...spent nearly all night jamming Smile
Doesn't sound bad at all. Andy's story is unfortunate, though he seems to be doing well with guitar assuming that was him on the acoustic.

Me and my buddies get together and jam a few times a month. Nothing special, we don't really even consider ourselves a band. Always a good time though...there's nothing like throwing on the guitar and hammering some random ideas out until 3am with a group of friends Razz
Yes, he is playing guitar - it's actually electric through a 'clean' amp on the song you mean. These songs don;t really show his guitar skills off. He is a pretty amazing player - he can play anything from Hendrix to Steve Via and everything in between.
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