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Democrats' New Logo

Don’t worry about the record unemployment, paying more for your healthcare plan (if you can keep it) under Obamacare, rising taxes, rising bureaucracy and mismanagement, Obama’s horrible reaction to the nation’s worst environmental disaster, or any of the failures that have come to symbolize Obama and the Democrats. They have a new and spiffy solution to all your problems: a new logo!

What do you guys think about the logo? To be honest I think it’s a bit better than the jack*ss they had before, but it still looks like a bulls eye or a corporate-owned logo, which seems appropriate for the Democrats.

I wonder if they are worried about trademark infringement, though. The Democrats’ new logo looks eerily similar to this, which also seems pretty appropriate:

I thought from a logo point of view (politics aside) that the fact that they had to write Democrats under the logo showed that it had failed as a logo to start off with. It could not stand on its own. To me the logo is very unimaginative, almost as though someone has dug up a template somewhere in logo software, plonked in a circle with a D in the middle. Wonder how much they paid for that logo? The "change that matters" is just as unimaginative to me. Think the standard of Obama's presentation and marketing abilities is much much higher and completely out of sync with the new logo of the Party. The blue colour is also very very boring.
It's an appropriate logo. A ZERO!
This overly-simplistic look seems to be the trend in large-organization logos lately...

I guess I don't mind it, but it is irksome to know that big organizations are probably paying absurd sums of money for these simple graphics... Graphics that I could produce using MS powerpoint within 15 minutes. (And could far outdo with any serious graphics editor.)
The Republican Party isn't owned by corporations at all.
Even the font looks out of sync with the logo, both from a size and choice of font point of view. I don't see much of the Font used for the "Democrat" part of the logo in new logos.
jmi256 wrote:
To be honest I think it’s a bit better than the jack*ss they had before

Maybe, but the old symbol was at least "truth in advertising" unless new symbol stands for Dumb***!
Every time I look at it, there is something new lacking in it. I think the D should have been in a contrasting colour like red for example. I'm sorry, but I can't imagine the person who designed it had any talent. I would probably also think "Dumb", but more along the lines of Dumb Design. For a big Political Party like that, they could certainly have come up with something more professional than that. I am still curious to know who designed the logo.
I remember a long time ago the comic strip "Family Circus" at election time ran a very cute strip. The little boy asked his daddy "Are we (the family) were Publicans or Demon-craps?" Something like that anyway. Off to see if the web has it.
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