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Did he steal my video?

I posted 2 of my self-composed songs(also made a post on frihost) on youtube about a month ago. Today I made a random search and was a bit shocked to look at my video on this website. Did this person just add it too add more volume to the website, or is the deal something else? It does have my name in the title though, so I'm not really worried that someone stole my song, he just copied the video. Is this wrong? should I do something about it?
This is a tricky one, I noticed that I can't link direct to your YouTube page from this new site to see any other songs of yours. I'm guessing he's made a direct copy instead of a link as most people do with youtube. In my opinion, thats what is a bit unacceptable.
The idea of others linking to your yutube account is fine because that gives more exposure to the source of the work. In this case though, the only way to get more information about the artist (you) is by doing a search on youtube under the name - more hassle for users, and unlikely to expose your work as well as the disabled link would have done.

For that reason alone I would be unhappy if someone had done that to my work. Youtube allows links back to the author for a reason, copying and uploading work as a new file without links back could be considered as a form of theft in some ways.
I suspect you are looking at this from all different angles and might want as watersoul pointed out a little credit? Perhaps contacting the owner of the website is in order keeping in mind some options. You could word it, i suggest, could you please provide a link back or if you really don't want it used remove this immediately. Chances are the person is unaware or not thinking about you so just the attention might give you what you want. No use getting into a legal arguement unless you want to pursue it. So maybe you could go with a friendly hello to start, just noticed..
Might work in your favour who knows.
I think the copyright quarrels on the internet are awkward but not impossibe to manage, I suppose but then so is small claims court. Yeah go with communication first is better maybe, sometimes that can be positive and lead to other things, who knows.
Well the good part is that I got the opportunity to listen to the two videos that you posted. I missed it before. NICE work! Great talent. Is that you playing the guitar by yourself? Rhythm is great, you're really talented and you want to study medicine, you must have lots of energy!

I would ignore the "theft". Just continue to produce as you usually do. The more you produce the more authentic your work will become as people will definitely recognize your style. The person who stole your work obviously won't be able to produce more of the same, unless he/she keeps on stealing your work. Perhaps in the end they will eventually trip themselves up. You probably should feel complimented that they should like your work so much that they would want to steal it to make it their own. Perhaps you should respond to the request in that Website for comments on the stolen Video, and query the thief about the technical details of the production of that show, what guitar did he use, verify his lack of knowledge of how it was produced, that may also show him up in a very subtle way! Smile
Thanks for the compliments dean, yeah I played the guitar part as well!
to come back to the topic, i don't think i want to accuse him of stealing it, as in claiming it to be his own, because the video does say 'Awake by Aditya Gaur', but yeah if I ever feel that he is claiming the song as his own, then i'll have a lot of ways to prove that he's lying.
For the time being I'll just go with bluedoll's idea of talking to him, lets see what he says...
I would agree with bluedoll. Contact the website and ask for him to link it back to your YouTube. However, the site is profiting from your work as it stands now because of the advertising that runs before your video so they are making money off your work. Then again, it is publicity.
I also think that starting out friendly and seeing if just talking to them get them to change the linking or remove the video is the best approach. It is very possible they will comply. If that doesn't work then you can decide whether you want to ignore it or take some other form of action.
i agree with Ghost900.

Make sure you start out friendly. Who knows, he probally doesn't even know you are mad, or he did something wrong...
i think i am on the same page as most of the other users who replied to this. I wouldn't jump too fast on a count that you don't know the mindset of this person. If you can/do get a hold of him/her you could find out that it was just something that slipped their mind and they are more than willing to put up more credit to you as well as the link-back. I wouldn't advise doing nothing about this though, because the reality of it is that this is your material and work ,therefore all the credit does belong to you, but it doesn't look like this person is trying to steal credit for your song,( which by the way i really liked this song keep it up!)
I think that it's a good thing for you. Your name is there. It's some free advertisment for you. The more people will read your name and hear your songs, the more you'll be known... This is the showbiz world, you cannot control everything ...
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