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Great Performances

Here's a couple of performances which rate very highly in my books...

One of my favorites, this year at Rock Werchter, Belgium.


And that is nice!
Both his early and late performances are very nice. In young years he was just getting drunk on scene with his shouty lyrics, now he uses megaphone and other cool stuff.
I love Mr. Waits.
A bit different than what's been posted so far but:

Another I really enjoy...

As an aspiring guitarist, I've watched this so many times and it never ceases to amaze me how the guitar, even backed by the orchestra, just wails over the top. Vai is one of my favorites of all time.
"Thanks for having us Sydney,its been a blast"

Crowded House farewell concert in Sydney 1996.


"This song is not a rebel song,this song is Sunday bloody Sunday"

U2 live at Red Rocks 1983

U2 - Under a blood red sky
Steve Vai is the man! -- didn't he accuse Coldplay of stealing their new song from him (Viva la Vida). Smae riff, but certaintly not the same song.
gverutes wrote:
Steve Vai is the man! -- didn't he accuse Coldplay of stealing their new song from him (Viva la Vida). Smae riff, but certaintly not the same song.

That was Joe Satriani (not Vai), and I believe they settled out of court (it could have been dismissed, I don't remember). The song was too close for coincidence in my opinion. Not to get off topic, but here's a comparison:

I am very hesitant to post videos of live performances here. My reasoning is that I have been to hundreds of metal shows (and I basically only listen to metal and so those would be the kind of things I'd post) and there is simply no possible way to do a metal show justice with a Youtube video. I have been to jazz and classical shows and they can be done justice because of the style of the music. But metal is different. Metal has so much energy in it that it simply cannot be portrayed in a video.

For instance, one of the first shows I ever went to was a Children of Bodom show. It was crazy. Alexi Laiho was ripping guitar solos out with so much energy that the crowd was going insane. The whole floor was one crazy mosh pit (that I, and other people, were actually bleeding from). When you weren't getting hit or shoved, you'd look up and see people flying over you as they were crowd surfing. People were headbanging and hair was just flying all over the place whipping you in the face. You would then try to move but another person would fly over you as they were crowd surfing. Bodom had so much energy in their set that it was projected to the audience and there's no way to truly catch that in a video.

Another example would be when I saw Amon Amarth. I remember crowd surfing over two huge guys and then they both grabbed one end of me and through me across the floor as I was barrel rolling in the air. That pit there was also brutal. I remember there being some huge 300-400 pound dude that was running people over. We eventually teamed up and about 10 of us managed to tackle him down! You can't really capture that energy in a video... But I'll post one video of them anyways since I like their sword fighting theatrics...

Another band that is incredible to see live (I've seen them live multiple times) is Slayer. And it really is impossible to do them justice... But I'll try..
Exodus is another good band that a video can't do justice for, but I'll try anyways (and I find it hilarious that a huge guy tries to stage dive at 2 minutes... usually bigger people don't try)...

The only bands that have Youtube videos that can do them justice are the more mellow bands such as Ozzy and Megadeth. People aren't getting violent while they play (last time I saw Slayer they had to have a medical station set up for all the people getting injured and last time I saw Exodus, Rob Dukes - frontman of the band - got in a fight with a security guard). So I'll post two videos here that are good and did the actual show justice (and I would know, because I was at both of these shows in person). Both of these videos are of metal bands that aren't quite as aggressive and so there shows can actually be represented by a video...

Queen at the first Rock in Rio - 1985
Metallica - Seattle '89

Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick - Madison Square Garden 1978

Mr. Big - Budokan 2009

... and many more Very Happy [/youtube]
Not everyone's cup of tea, but this (to me) is a truly inspirational piece of work where a pretty much mainstream chart band (Elbow) hook up with the BBC Concert Orchestra to produce something beautiful.

Elbow - One Day Like This:

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