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WiFi Trouble

Can anyone please explain this?

My Brother wireless printer suddenly would not print, while most other devices and computers on my Netgear wireless router. worked just fine.

After much wrangling and cussing, I noticed my Roku internet radio device was also down. After power cycling the Roku, it came up and at the same time my Brother wireless printer also started working again.

Now why, with other wireless (and wired) devices on my Netgear wireless router working OK, would a single device (i.e. my Roku wireless internet radio box) fail and at the same time take down ONLY my networked Brother printer????

Seems bizarre to me Rolling Eyes
Fire Boar
I'd imagine the printer was using the Roku as an access point somehow. Check the printer's connection settings to see if it is actually connecting directly to the router or not.
Well, maybe the Roku internet radio device and the wireless printer accidentally had an IP address conflict or some other similar connection conflict.

On Powercycling (I am not sure what you mean by that, but I am guessing switch-off and switch-on) , the device booted up with a newly assigned IP address so there was no longer a conflict of address.

Must be a random occurrence. If it happens again, see if you can change the settings to keep different fixed IP for both the devices.
Did you try to uninstalled all the drivers or repair? please do check your wifi settings also.
Fire Boar
airh3ad wrote:
Did you try to uninstalled all the drivers or repair?

That seems inappropriate, especially since the problem is on a device which has no drivers to uninstall.
Thanks for the replies all!

I think Funda may be on the right track because I occasionally (very occasionally) get IP address conflict messages. I never thought to correlate these messages with a WiFi printer problem. I also must, at times, mysteriously reboot my WiFi Roku radio player.

The whole network thing has always been a mystery to me.
You can fix it with the manual... I fixed it too!
Fire Boar
@xvoxa: Start a new topic on that quite separate issue and give more details.

Go to printer settings & Set an IP for the printer so that your IP wont get conflicted and when your installing the printer drivers select that IP which you have configured to your printer, then the printer will work fine, try this...
i got the problem that the printers ip had a different from my network:


and i needed someone like

for the printer had no possibility for changing any settings - due to no given display or any changes that could have been done directly on the printer.... - i found a tool of brother which lets you change the ip the way you like - that worked fine in my case
what version of OS you have on that two computers?
IP conflict is most likely the best candidate for the issue.... as what funda stated...
but just in case you are still having problems... try changing your wireless channel....
make sure you take note of your wireless channel because it might cause your other wireless device to go down try to play around with.... trial and error... and it would be best not to set it to automatic
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