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What are the steps after u format your Hardisk?

1 .WinXP
3. MSOffice
4. Outlook Express email acct./ newsgroups

How are u?
Win 2K
Win XP (my xp cannot boot the system)
And then the programs.
windows Xp first
and office
then others Surprised
Don't forget anti virus and a decent firewall.
I'd recommend AVG for anti virus and Sygate for a firewall.
Oho. Let me tell you about me.
I first started using XP about a week ago.
Until then I had Windows 98 SE on my PC which is now in my room. So, that's what I'll do.
I first bought a PC (Well, I was 12 years old, so I guess... Thank you Mom & Dad! I Love you!), in about 1995. When there was only Windows 95. So I started with the 95, then 98, today XP, and tommorow (Yippiecayoyey) maybe 2K, and next year heck who knows... Maybe LH. Laughing


Home PC? XP. Secured.
My PC? Win 2K. More Secured.

How's that?
Updated drivers for all hardware
Update XP + NOD
Office + Updates
Firefox and Thunderbird + Extensions

P.S moved to Computer Software and Hardware
I have a few partitions in my hard disk. So I only reformat my C:\ Drive which is my system drive :p..

I will :
Install Windows XP Home
Restore my backups of my documents, favourites and desktop.
Install firewall and internet connection.
Install Anti Virus.
Install Graphic Card Driver and Printer drivers and CD-RW Softwares.

Well.. Thats all.. Is simple. Razz
After format the computer, i will

install winxp
install driver
restore my backup file and document
Install MS or open office.
usuful software

that's all.

Very Happy
install :
winxp sp2
some drivers
an anti-virus
a internet connection
and the rest programs that the computer need ... Rolling Eyes
Is there any way to format, and then backup COMPLETELY from DVDs? Like so everything is installed? Just wondering, because then I could partition my drive for a dual boot of Linux.
format a new hard disk or reformat one, i think that is o good alternative:

* Create almost 2 partitions, one for the operating sistem and a second partition for data an mantain a compressed image of the first partition.

* After the hard disk where intialized or formated, Install your favorite operating system.

* Configure all the hardware with the correct drivers, configure the network, configure and install printers, web cams, ....

* Test if the system is good.

* Now install all the software frequently used, beguining wit one antivirus (update de signature data base), office suits, utilities, graphics applications, viewers, browsers, ...

* Test again that all are running.

* Make a compressed image of the basic system to second partition and a backup to a CD-RW or DVD-RW media of the image.

* Put the backup and in a safe place.

* Now you can use yor computer for work
Windows XP
Windows Updates
XP Tweaks
Steam, Lineage 2, Ragnarok Online, World of Warcraft, Dreamweaver, Office XP, McAfee, AIM, MSN, mIRC, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, JK 2 Jedi Outcast, Nero Ultra 6.6, Cygwin, TortoiseSVN
Is there a good web site that helps you scan a computer's hardware in order to know whole the part's details. since it's not always written on the card's
Boles Roor
Windows XP
Apps such as Firefox, firewalls and virus scanners.
Ethernet Drivers
Updating the Apps.
Getting the Atapi.sys update from the MS site. (Stupid crappy windows will corrupt my Sata disk if I won't. Made me re-install windows for about 10 times before I figured out *cries* )
Then all my other Apps, Games, and thingies.
For me, the steps I usually take after I format a computer is:

Install Windpows XP that has been slipstreamed with SP2
Install motherboard drivers
Update Windows to see if there has been any other updates
Install the rest of the drivers such as Video Card, Sound Card
Install software needed

Usually when reformating also, I'll take out all of the PCI cards and install them one by one to risk having the chance of an IRQ conflict. Sure Windows XP has gotten better at reducing errors but why take the chance?

Load Window XP

Install SP2

Install Bitdefender 9

Install Office 2003

and winzip/ rar and poof

it's good.
install an operating system..

microsoft office

antivirus software..

install updates..

drivers ..


Obviousely first is installing OS and drivers.
About software don't install too much that will slow down your computer. Just install the basic things you need now and leave the rest for the time you need.
Cnet has a suggestion page for new PC here:

I will recommend these:

1-an offic pack: either microsoft, staroffice or openoffice (this last one is opensource, absolutely free)
Coopernic desktop search (this is great for indexing all the contents of your computer)

2- media player:
realplayer for sure (windows media player does not support streaming audio in ram format) and another media player (iTune or jetaudio if you do not like windows media player)

3- Antivirus and more importantly a good firewall
I recommend Zonalarm
also you need a spayware removal software (spybot or adaware, ...)

4- defenitely google toolbar
and if you want better browsing and email support switch to Mozilla firefox nad thunderbird OR opera (both free and much superior to microsoft IE and OE)

This is the basic install more software (like graphic application) or other stuff based on your personal need and preference.

Good luck
hey did u hear, Microsoft is gonna launch a new srvice pack for xp by teh end of teh year 2006.
after Vista(longhorn) come out, so i guess well see hwo it does. its supposed to beff up security, and it probably will since hackers will be doign their best to hack into Vista, so i think it was asmart idea to launch it after Vista launches.

but well just see, wont we. also they have a beta oen right noe so just like search in google an dull fins it.

anothe rthing have u guys seen the vista specs. microsoft thinks w got these super computers, like everyoen can afford. but then again everything is ogign down in price next year, DVD is being replaced by Bluray. ram DDR is being replaced by DDR3, DVDs are going to be cheap, hard drives too, cant wait for next year. its gonna be crazy i think. all these new things comming out and even teh PS3 oh yea. Xbox 360 is gonna be shit.) sry for comment, but true).

See YA.
well, after a clean format,

1) Install an OS. XP, windows server 2003

2) Install all the drivers for the hardware. If not you won't be able to connect to use your sound card or network cards. which means no mps or internet.

3) Once you have your internet connection, register your windows. You will have to activate it within 30 days anyway. If you can't/didn't activate your windows, even if you have installed all the funky programs in your pc, you can't use them after the 30 days activation period.

4) Install an anti-virus. I would install norton antivirus and norton internet security for the firewall.
well, zonealarm will do too.

5) Update your anti-virus and firewalls.

6) Get winamp, microsoft office, anti-spyware (spybot etc)........

7) well, install all the programs in need .

Cool After all installations are done, remember to defragment your disk drive.

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