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[Solved]Foreign IP Requesting Packets HTTPS


I just recently did a 'netstat -a' check with command prompt and I noticed a foreign IP address is established through the 443 HTTPS port.

I have nothing really being used besides backgrounds processes. I started up TCP View and it appears to be using svchost.exe. Every few seconds 2 packets are being sent by the looks of it.

I tried looking up the IP to find some information about it, but I really can't find much information besides location and ISP. As of now I have the HTTPS port disabled on my network for precaution.

Here is the Foreign IP:

I wonder if this is a network security threat. Does anyone have any information on this matter?

~Much appreciated for any suggestions or any possible solution
Fire Boar
Use netstat -ano to find out which process is creating the connection. IP addresses could mean anything, it's the process from which you can get the most information.
The PID is 1728 but as I said before it seems to be using a svchost.exe process. I haven't a clue how to get information from such a process actually. I'll list information from TCP View:

Running from "C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe"
Protocol: TCP
Local Port: 50797
Remote Port: 443 (HTTPS)
PID: 1728

Still, every few seconds a packet is being sent. I just did a Google search for svchost.exe PID 1728, but I didn't find anything out. I also tried doing this command in command prompt:


And Akamai appears as what is controlling the process. That's the name of the ISP from looking up the IP Address. I checked "Computer Management" and found the service is called "Akamai NetSession Interface" Googled that and found their website:

Doesn't seem like anything I need/want. Looks suspicious to me.
Fire Boar
Ah, sorry, I missed the part where you mentioned the name of the process. Akamai is fine, it's sometimes installed with some online games and I think at one point it was distributed with MacAfee. Uninstall it if you like, it's probably fairly redundant.
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