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How many visiters have you on you sites?

My site was build today . So only one visiter, it is me.
I want to eary money , can you tell me how many visiters I have had to eary $100 per day?
You may really need about one hundred thousands page views to earn that much. How many visitors- i can't tell. If the average page view of your site is 10 pages/visit, you will need ten thousand visitors per day. You can also combine two ad services like adsense and infolinks so that you require less visitors. Anyway, don't target the money- target traffic. Money will just flow when you get enough traffic.
There is nothing on your site other than links to adsense and hostgator,and a couple of adsense banners,its unlikely any search engine will pick you up as you have no content,no content = no visitors.
As "truespeed" said, you should provide useful contents on your site first.
Looking at your site, I am sure that you will earn nothing. You have no content in your site. Search engines will never bother to put your page in SERP and without that, its impossible to earn.

What I would suggest is use wordpress or other CMS to built your site and post new content and after doing some SEO, you will have a chance to earn.

And patience is the key because it will take at least 9 months to earn that much.

You have to really work hard.

Good Luck.
Ghost Rider103
Depending on how much you get paid per visitor (or click) would determine how many visitors you need a to gain $100 a day. Which I'm going to assume is quite a lot off of just ads.

Like the other users mentioned, your website doesn't really offer much, so your rankings in search engines are going to be quite low.

You also don't really have any design to your website, it's just basic html. It is more convenient for a visitor of you have a visually attractive design and they will take you more seriously. If I just randomly came across your website, I would leave as I would think it was out dated due to the poor design interface.

So two things that will help you greatly:
    Visually attractive design
    More content to improve SEO

Good luck with your website though!
About unique visitors, page views and earnings:
Here are statistics for one site that gets daily about 100000 unique visitors and 146000 page views .
And this site earns from one banner $21 a day (this is total for four regions) .,0,2,9,&sumdata=1

The earnings changing constantly because there is a real-time 24h auction for this banner spot and You can buy ad for only 1 hour.

This page is a grate place where you can check how much one earns and where their traffic is coming from .
You really need to work hard on your site. i was too worried about my site why it is not getting traffic and I know the answer that i don't yet have much SEO based content on my site. so please be realistic and compare your site with other famous sites and work hard to built your site! Smile
site is down

You should have a good home page. you can choose a template to build a home page.

Add some unique content. Update the contents with fresh information.
In mean time search querys will land on your site.

Put a site meter, to monitor who is visiting your site.
truespeed wrote:
There is nothing on your site other than links to adsense and hostgator,and a couple of adsense banners,its unlikely any search engine will pick you up as you have no content,no content = no visitors.
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