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i want to change my computer's ip

i want to change my computer's ip but i dont know how ... do i neee to used command prompt.... on dos ? i used windows 98 se/windows 2000/windows 2000 server/ windows xp
you can change your internal network IP by going into control panel -> network connections -> (whatever your LAN is called, right-click and hit properties) -> Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) -> Click Properties -> then choose "use the following IP address". But that only works on your internal network. So you might have the ip 192.168.1.x, replacing x with some number 100 to 199, and you can change it to whatever you want, though it would be smart to only change the last piece.

I'm not quite sure as to how to change your external IP address, try unplugging your cable box/router and waiting a while, then plugging it back in. Sometimes that'll give you a new ip address.

to check your ip, just go to command prompt and type ipconfig /all
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To change your external IP, usually you can just call up your ISP and say that you believe that some malicious person has gotten your IP and he has threatened to do your computer some harm.
when you change service your IP changes.. I thikn you can also request a changing IP... but I dont know how to do it byyourself
What kind of IP do u wanna change. Whenever u post your problem, post it with all the necessary details.

To change an internal network ip do as Lukrasha has said.

If u wanna change your ip thats given by your ISP, then we still have 2 questions. Is it dynamic or static. IF its dynamic it will change everytime u login.

And static ip is the one which your ISP has configured permenantly against your name. In norml circumstamces u cannot change it. If u follow what Lukrasha said to change the ip, u will successfully change ur PCs ip but loose ur net connection unless u reset it back to original since its always IP-MAC id binded. So if u wanna change ur Static IP call ur ISP & get it done
Maybe... Replugging your network cable works... Maybe DHCP on the ISPs server will assign a different address to you.
Dial-up always changes your IP address each time you connect, although I believe the first two sets of numbers remain the same.
If you want to change you real IP (not the IP you use for your local network) then you should use proxies/VPN/tunnels and softwares which allow you to use other networks for connecting to internet. Also if you have a internet service with dynamic IP address then try to reset your modem, it will change your IP address too.
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