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Have you ever tried mind mapping?

I'm learning how to use it. It proves perfect for me to remember what i've learned. How do you think of "mind map"? Image:
Haha i have never heard of it before! Where is it used for?
Not as a study technique. To illustrate something or to work through a thought process, but not as a study technique.
used to be called brain storms in my day, then it had to change to mind maps because apparently it was offence to those with brain diseases

found them pretty usefull sometimes, others they just seemed to tell me what i already knew. i struggle to put stuff down on paper and would rather actually do the work then spend time doing one of thesee maps.
Lady Elensar
Yeah, I'm using it, and it's works good for me!!
a lot of people really truly find mindmapping useful. For me it's just a time waster. I get zero benefit from those programs. For brainstorming I use a blank Word doc or something even better is to do a brain dump into a new openproject file. That way they instantly turn into actionable items.
Yes, its good, also try sticky notes in the same way when brainstorming! They have the advanatge of being more user friendly with several participants.
of course where I live, mind mapping is one of the first lesson in high-school. It's part of a series of lessons "how to study". Obviously a good thing as it creates a kind of common thinking culture that induces a wider way of thinking with more entries as to not obvious fields of a topic.
I don't know if this kind of mapping qualifies for this topic, but I do mapping for games such as Counter-Strike Source and Team Fortress 2. Mapping for these games is quite fun because you get to work with great tools such as, Source SDK, which is a map editing/creating tool. You can use this tool to create maps/levels for these games that other players can experience their gameplay on. Even though I'm just a beginning, I'm a fast learner, so that gives me an edge in the field of mapping. Razz
at the university we do mind mapping very often, mainly for the first step of a project in order to collect ideas. What I am really missing is a good, free and open online mind mapping tool for collaboration. It would be nice if it will be supported at google docs or so.
I've also used a kind of mind mapping but not as extensive as the one in the OP. I also use it as a means to puzzle things through, i.e. connect up all the dots in my mind. Especially when I have forgotten a word. Or what I was going to say.
i once use mind mapping. because in marketing planning class , our teacher ever teach us about this. it's a nice way to remember. the tree would become bigger as your thinking.
It is a useful tool to organize things you have in mind.
I'm trying to use it, and its quite a useful software, but takes getting used to, I guess.
I've mind mapped my life and where I want to go and stuck it on my wall... but I forget to see it mostly, with all the schedules that I have.. Laughing
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