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Resident Evil Aferlife 3D

How do you guys rate the latest Resident Evil movie, which is Resident Evil Aferlife 3D ?

Pretty much same thing like in other old Resident Evil movies but looks more clean and less fights with zombies I think.
I have not seen Resident Evil Aferlife, just because I want to see in 3D. And I've read many criticisms that 3D movies is not good to watch subtitled, so I waited to have a copy dubbed passing here in my country. This week I watch without fail!
Lady Elensar
GREAT Very Happy The 3D was very nice, but that's also because we've seen it in the biggest cinema over here. I actually haven't seen the other 3 episodes before this one, but I found it still an impressing movie Smile
I didn't watch the movie in 3D but yet I'm impressed with their effects. There will be another movie. Well there always will be another. lol
The movies storyline sucked. don't watch it unless you're all in for the effects
Yeah I agree, I didn't bother myself downloading the video coz I know the storyline of this movie sucks. though the effects are great.
I don't think storyline sux ( there are worse horror movies ) but its the same story in different way. Which is boring.
This was based on Resident Evil 5 game. Albert Wesker on the game are far more better. Some of the scenes on the movies where Wesker evading the bullets was also based on the RE5 scene.
I saw the movie Resident Evil Afterlife and although it was action packed, and I liked most of the actions and thrilling scenes, some of the scenes did not make sense at all to me, and some of the stuff in the storyline also didn't make sense.

One of the things that didn't make sense, is that the zombies had all the time in the world to come underground and invade the premises of the prison, but did so, only at a convenient time.

Also, in the plane, the plane crashes, and she is made human, but yet, she survives and with shorter hair?

I liked some of the suspense and thrilling action, but I think they could have improved the storyline a lot better.

I wouldn't go again to the cinema to watch it again, but it is worth watching once.
I didn't like it as i liked the first one
Haven't seen it yet, i plan to just haven't got around to it it... Laughing

Edit: 1/6/2011

I haven seen this movie, wasn't as good as i expected but a good twist on the movie series.
7.5/10 because of the end.. We already know that they will make an another movie.
oTricKsteRx wrote:
7.5/10 because of the end.. We already know that they will make an another movie.

Always they way in every series showing that next movie will continue the saga at the end.
storyline sucks if you're way into the game, I especially didn't like how they teased you in the end with the evil Jill Valentine scene, cause I can't find any information on the next resident evil
Probably there will be another movie end of this year or in next year. They always have one at least once a 2 years.
My brother showed me the first 20 minutes of it, which was of "so bad it's good"-quality, though at times bordering at "i just want to bang my head against the desk since this is so stupid"-quality.

He did say it got watchable later on, though. I don't believe him.
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