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Spend $500 on iPhone 4 now or wait?

I am currently a user of an iPhone 3GS. I am thinking about getting an iPhone 4 off of craigslist. They are currently going for $500 in my area. I can sell my 3GS for $300 and come up with the $200 difference, but is it really worth it? Let mr know what you think.
That's a pretty subjective call...
I had/have a 3Gs, but I had to switch cellular carriers to get coverage where I live/work through the week... when I switched, I got an iPhone 4.

Both devices are pretty sweet, and have advantages/disadvantages.

-- cheaper
-- lighter
-- can't bridge the antennae
-- standard SIM card
-- Future OS upgrades will start to leave it behind
-- no front facing camera, lower camera resolution
-- no LED flash

-- clearer, brighter screen w/ higher resolution
-- faster processing
-- noise canceling mic
-- louder/clearer speaker (minorly so)
-- better camera system
-- improved battery
-- N format wifi adapter
-- noticeably heavier
-- can bridge antennae, reducing data speed (easily avoided)

I was pretty happy with my 3Gs, but was unexpectedly impressed with the quality of the 4. I wasn't expecting a big difference between the two in terms of performance, but there is a fair difference. I'm glad I upgraded, but would not be unhappy in the least to still be using my 3Gs. The only real problem with choosing the 3Gs is that it's a generation older and the next versions of the OS will have features that won't be supported on the 3Gs... or even simply not apply to it. The 4 does have faster processing, and the 3Gs will sometimes get a little slow in some applications as it works to keep up... but its usually not a problem.

I've never had a problem with dropped calls with either phone; they've both worked flawlessly. Any problems I've had were simply due to lack of cellular coverage, in which case it wouldn't matter what phone I was using, there simply wouldn't be a signal to use
Also make sure it is an unlocked iPhone 4 that you are getting. If you have to pay extra for the unlocking, take that into account as well.

The iPhone 4 is pretty cool, and if you are planning to use the features available, it is worth it. Do u plan to make video calls over WiFi and take a lot of photos. Do u use a lot of Apps too ?

If you do, then go ahead.

Only be careful about the iPhone 4 death grips which chokes the signal and battery(it can be easily avoided)

And weight really doesn't matter that much.

But be very careful about the fragile glass back. Consider a good iPhone case or metal back especially if you tend to drop things
[quote="tmiko"]I am currently a user of an iPhone 3GS. I am thi ]
the nube one solution for this problem is obviously to forget about apple and such stupid brand names and just go and buy a real phone like nokia n900 internet tablet or even a galaxy-s none of theese crazy problems exist in them
wich apple intentionally created to get people upgrade to their newer versions (most of the were software limits imposed by apple )
I would say to just stick with the 3GS. In my opinion, the changes they made aren't worth even $200 as long as the 3GS works fine.
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