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Six Pack Diet

Six Pack Abs is not need of the hour because it is in fashion but because it ensures healthy living. Getting a six packs involves loosing fat and building muscles, which supports your spin and thus provides you a correct posture. However, only exercise does not support six pack abs. Your diet plays a major role. A six pack diet programme is very different from general weight loss. A correct six pack diet determines the success of your exercises. The diet does not preach eating less or spiking meals but eating under certain guidelines.

Six Pack Diet

1.Protein Diet - To get a six packs it is important that you build your muscles. Muscles which are firm. Protein is the building block of muscles. For proper Protein content one should include cheese, chicken, fish, milk and egg white in their meal. Tuna and salmon fish are the best source of protein.

2.Carbs Avoid consumption of starchy carbs. They add on to the fat and disturb digestion. Starchy carbs include bread, pasta etc. Good carbs, however, should be included in every meal because they are a great source of energy. This constant flow of energy will support your extended exercise regime.

3.Small Dinner After dinner, when we go off to sleep, our body is at complete rest and this gradually reduces the metabolism rate. Thus, calories are less burnt at night. This means that the body takes in all the fat consumed by you. Thus, a heavy diet at dinner, will add on more to your fat accumulation. Thus, it is advised to take a very light dinner and go for a walk after that. It is best to meet your hunger with fruits and vegetables. They are good source of nutrients and carbs but do not provide excess fat to the body.

4.Eat After Workout Till four hours after workout, the metabolism is at it's peak. Thus, it is advised that one should take meal with this time so that the body burns out all the calories, thus storing less fat. Don't let your metabolism die out.

5.4-6 Meals A Day Generally we eat three meals a day but the six pack diet demands you break you food intake of the day into 4-6 times. This keeps your metabolism going and thus burning of your calories are on. Make sure to include a dose of protein in your every diet, so that your body does not need to muscle for fuel source.
Six Pack Diet plan supports your workout regime and ensures healthy living and lifestyle.

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I'll start acting on it from 2morrow...!! Razz
To get a six pack you need two things - diet to drop your body fat percentage to about 10% or less AND lots of exercises that train the abdomen like:
- hanging or lying leg raises
- dragon flies/flags
- sit ups
- V's

And you'd need to do them at least 4-6 times a week to get decent results in a decent amount of time.
Yeah, it ain't rocket science, just eat less fatty food, use more energy than you consume (if you're fat), and exercise an hour a day - you'll notice huge results in 6 weeks.
I'm quite sick of reading about X diet or Y diet, just eat a balanced mix of vegetables, carb's, protein and cut the crap trans-fat/sugar junk food, while doing a mix of simple body exercises that don't actually need any gym equipment - you'll see huge differences in weeks - it's just people are lazy.

...whatever anyone says about "my metabolism" "X disorder" etc etc, it's strange how whenever I've travelled poor countries without McD's etc there are no obese people apart from the "rich" folk in the village.
Really boring now abhinavgakhar, this is probably the site you got it from yeah?
I found it somewhere i don,t remember i like it so I post it here...
watersoul wrote:
Really boring now abhinavgakhar, this is probably the site you got it from yeah?

nice tips i will go to follow them but i need some professional one to be get trained

will anyone suggest me.
Awesome tips. I'll def start trying this soon.
Nice tips. What type of food should we eat during night?
watersoul wrote:

...whatever anyone says about "my metabolism" "X disorder" etc etc, it's strange how whenever I've travelled poor countries without McD's etc there are no obese people apart from the "rich" folk in the village.

But what you have to remember is that when people go on about their "my metabolism" or "X disorder" that they do have a serious medical problem and that problem is an addiction to food. You cannot just go up to a smoker and say "simply quit smoking" anymore than you can tell an obese person simply to "cut the crap out of your diet." Studies have shown that when you're that fat that food becomes as addictive as heroin or other serious drugs. And then once you're fat, exercise simply becomes something that is too difficult to do.

For people like me (and I assume you, based on your post) who have never had this problem, it seems hard to understand. I have extreme difficulty in understand it. As far as activity goes, I love to exercise. I am a very active person. I love hiking, sports, rock climbing, canoeing, and many other outdoor activities. So people not wanting to do all of these things that, to me, actually make life worth living (video games, television, etc. are a waste of my time in my opinion. If I'm not going to be doing something active, I want to be reading, playing chess, studying math, listening to music, or something else enriching). So it's foreign to me that people wouldn't want to exercise. And then there's the food situation. I LOVE healthy food (fruits, vegetables, pastas, etc.) and I hate junk food. And I definitely do not overeat (I actually have an eating problem where I've been told by many experts that I do not eat enough. And so now I've forced myself to eat at least once a day when I used to eat every couple days). People overeating still seems foreign to me because I don't really care about food that much... I only eat when I start shaking and/or feel weak.

So to people like us, it may seem foreign. But you have to understand that everyone has some problem and to some people, it's a food addiction. And that food addiction is a serious problem that would be hard to break... Just like smoking and other bad habits are hard to break... The market has products that help curve a nicotine craving and so hopefully sometime a product emerges that helps curve food cravings... Although I think (although I won't share my hypothesis here because it is sort of off topic) that it is actually much harder to beat this addiction than other things...
Thanks for the advice. My only request is some sexxy stomach Wink
thank you for that post... will try sooner if this really works!
I will try it.
Darn, I thought this was going to be a different type of "Six Pack" diet!
standready wrote:
Darn, I thought this was going to be a different type of "Six Pack" diet!
Me too? I wonder who the idiot was who coined this term though? Twisted Evil
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