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Iliotibial Band do you treat YOURS?!!

I did a 25 mile walk through some mountainous area in England earlier in the year.
It was the most physically demanding thing I think I've ever done.
I have a slight problem in my sciatic nerve at the base of my spine, which triggered a trapped nerve sensation in my left hip after about 8 miles. To try & cushion the pressure on my hip I (sub-conciously) started limping, and after 12 miles noticed an increasingly sharp pain in the outside of my right knee.
For the remaning 13 miles it hurt like hell Embarassed
It seemed to settle down after a few weeks, to the point where I could go to the Lake District & do another mountain......BIG MISTAKE!
Half way up, the pain progressively worse, and messed me up for a few weeks afterwards.
I've been taking Ibuprofen & Paracetamol, though I'm not a fan of tablets.
I saw my doctor last week for the first time & he's sending me for physiotherapy.
Anyway, are there any budding doctors or physios out there it Frihost-land that would like to suggest ways to ease the problem of this "IBTS"?
I would go to a different doctor, get a second opinion, and a referral to a neurologist? I think you need diagnosis by and treatment by a specialist. How can physiotherapy help when it is treating a secondary problem to the primary one, which apparently is a pinched nerve at the base of your spine? That is an amazingly complicated area of nerve endings all linked to the secondary problem areas. I'd even be worried that the physiotherapy would worsen the problem.

This must be hell on earth for you. When I went through serious back pain (it's in remission right now), I was taking anti-inflammatories. Cataflam by Norvatis. They really work well for me.
Thanks Dean,
I'm not really suffering too much when not stressing the affected areas, but my big love is getting into the mountains & walking....I'm concerned I may have to lay off it quite a while.
I'll be making sure I let the physio know all about my sciatic problem (managable, not over-painful).
I can still sense there's a bit of discomfort in the knee, even now, weeks after my walk, and sometimes it feels as if it never happened, but can then flare up a bit with a simple twist of the foot/knee.
Do the anti-inflammatories just mask the pain/damage, or actually help fix it?
wellerchap wrote:
I'll be making sure I let the physio know all about my sciatic problem (managable, not over-painful).
That sounds great. I was probably thinking a bit extreme. My mother had that problem, and the pain she went through was pretty unbearable. She was a trooper with it however. They apparently have an operation they can do, but she thought the same as you, she could manage it.

I understand where you are coming from with the walking stuff. When I was unable to go hiking with my achilles tendonitis that was really a downer for me. But since you seem to have it under control, and know what to do, I'm sure you will be walking soon.

One suggestion though. Have you thought about seeing a really good podiatrist (not all podiatrists are equal) who can check out your posture (sometimes the one leg is longer than the other by a fraction, and when there are any posture problems it usually impacts the knees as well) and if necessary help you with choosing your walking shoes, and compensate with inserts? Those inserts made a miraculous difference to my walking life. I'm just about to see my podiatrist again. I discovered him in South Africa when I was on visit two years ago.
I'm aware that podiatrists can "balance up" wonky bio-mechanics, but as I've never had this problem before, and have done loads of hiking over the years unaffected, am assuming it's not down to leg length, and pinning my hope on it being the sciatica (I haven't been diagnosed/checked/treated for sciatica, but I know it is that that's my back/hip problem).
Another issue is I'm not the richest type, and with daughter hoping to go to University later next year, the thought of entering into anything that'll cost money is a non-starter....I'll trust the good old NHS to get me right.......eventually! Very Happy
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