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Favorite Forgotten TV shows

So I'd like to know what TV show it was that you loved, that you watched with total devotion, that you hoped would go on forever, but no one else watched it and it was canceled after 1 or 2 seasons and now it lives on only in your memory because you were basically it's sole viewer.

I can come up with a few.

1) the remake of Dark Shadows. I don't think I was even born when the original Dark Shadows aired, but in the early 90's they remade it. It ran somewhere between a half season and a whole season, and they canceled it on the craziest cliffhanger ever and I will never forgive them and never stop wondering. Victoria Winters had just returned from her stint in the 1700's when she had somehow switched bodies with an old governess of the family and when she finally returned to the present time, she KNEW Barnabus an immortal vampire, because she had met him during her time in the past. I think the show ended with her waking up in the present, sitting up in bed and just staring into Barnabus' eyes. omg.

2) Byrds of Paradise -- family moves to some awesome tropical island after the mother dies of cancer. Loved it. I think maybe it lasted two seasons, but doubtful.

3) Key West, was it called? About a writer living in Key West? Also cool.

4) Eerie Indiana -- classic "boy encounters urban legends", sort of a sci-fi predecessor to XFiles and a few others.
I was quite passionate about Prison Break. That show had me at the edge of my seat, and I could not even move from it to do anything at the same time, as the tempo was just soooo fast. That was really a show that I could not wait to watch. And had to type episodes to make sure I don't miss them.

I also liked Alias, with Jennifer Garner. That is not in the same class as Prison Break, but I did like the story line, and I also liked the characters in the show.

I also like documentary style TV Series like: The Great Escapes of World War II. I am passionate about history as well as David Attenborough type documentaries on nature.
I used to love Serenity Firefly - it was a sci fi serial that just died after 2 seasons only.
What do you think about Takeshi's Castle?

menino wrote:
I used to love Serenity Firefly - it was a sci fi serial that just died after 2 seasons only.

Agree, I still watch on hulu!
Dark Shadows - I remember watching the original soap when I was little and it scared me alot but always watched. Nothing like a vampire to keep a little from taking a nap - ever!
More soap operas should feature vampires. My mom was a devoted fan of As The World Turns, just canceled this September. She watched it my entire life--can't believe it ended. But if it had featured vampires, perhaps it would still be on today:) They are, after all, the rage.
There are few British Comedy series I really loved. Like Allo Allo and Mind your Language. Also Firefly was pretty good one. Sux they canceled it.
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