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Tony Curtis-What good film made you feel good seeing it?

It's been a sad week for people dieing, Norman Wisdom and Tony Curtis.

I know they were just professional entertainers but they did put themselves into the role.

Anyway (To get to the point) I saw a really good film with Tony Curtis yesterday (Part of a tribute) It was about him and a fellow prisoner that escaped from a chain gang.

Only problem was he was chained to this black guy (Sidney Poitier). Initially the 2 did not get on as they carried on their escape from the chasing law officers.

Anyway (To cut a long story short) Tony's character got the opportunity to finally escape from Sidney Poitier. It looked like he was going to get it all...
A girlfriend, freedom and whatever he wanted. Anyway (to cut a long story short, god don't I go on!)

He said goodbye to Sidney and actually admitted he was going to miss him!
Well at the end Tony began to see his new life of riches was all a facade and what he'd really done was got rid of the only thing that mattered!

Anyway he decides to run after Sidney who is running for a train. Sidney manages to get on the fast moving train and certain escape (From the chasing lawmen) but poor old Tony (Who had been shot and was limping) could not make it.

Sidney jumps off the train and sits in a heap with his wounded friend, waiting for the lawmen to catch them.

They are both happy.
What film have you seen that made you feel good and/or benefitted you in some way?
I did not know that Tony Curtis passed on. Wow! As to movies that really did something along the lines described by you, I really liked V for Vendetta. A guy who got badly treated, experimented on by the Government, and in the end "murdered", however he got away. And then how he tries to get even with the Government by blowing up the Government buildings and all surrounding buildings on Guy Fawkes day. Objective to wake people up so that they can get to rule themselves. I really felt good when all those buildings blew up. Like good triumphing over evil, and the message that everything is possible provided we believe in it.

everything is possible provided we believe in it

Absolutely don't let them tell you otherwise.
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