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Please Help Me: Too many programs, what should I remove?


Over time I've amassed way too many programs, and I don't know what I should remove? Any suggestions?

Thanks a ton,
M. Hunter
Remove the programs that you don't use. It's easier for you to know what programs you use. The program you have selected says "Used rarely" so that can be an hint that you don't use it very often and maybe you want to remove it. But it really depends on you. It's nothing dangerous to remove too much. You can easily install it again if you need it. The antivirus program you probably want to keep and also the ATI Display Driver. Some programs are installed multiple times (multiple versions), like MSXML, so you can delete all but the latest version.
Does it matter that I have multiple Java updates? Can I delete all but the most recent of that, or is each update different?
You can remove all of the old Java Updates. It can be that some odd program still want to use an old version of Java (1.4.2) because it doesn't work on newer Java versions but it
's unlikely. Just delete it and if there is a problem you can simply install it again.
I would dump MS Works. You have Office Pro. I don't know anyone that uses Works any more.
Oh my ! That is a big list of programs.

Well, first you could uninstall the old updates of Java(TM) Update Runtime Environment and Microsoft .NET Framework, My Way Search Assistant.
Then, do you really need multiple software like DvD Shrink, DvD Sentry, Sonic MyDvD and DvD Decrypter. If you don't use all of them. maybe you could remove the unused ones.

Then Microsoft Works is definitely extra, since you already have Microsoft Office.

Also, once you get bored of a game, just uninstall it. There are always new games to try out.

If it were me, I would keep only one media player (say VLC) and remove the others like PowerDvD, DivX, iTunes(unless u have an iPod/ iPhone), Quicktime, RealPlayer.

Also, get the latest version of VLC (ver 1.1.4 I believe) Yours is 0.8.6 which is pretty old. Or, if you prefer another media player, get the latest version of that. So many different video format are out there that I always need VLC player or GOM or KMplayer to play many of the videos I get.

That would be my suggestions. Hope it helps.
what ever programmes you are not using u can remove the programmes first
Are you removing programs because you're running low on space or you feel your computer takes a while to load the desktop?

If it's the former, then the suggestions above are good.

For the latter case or even as a good tip, you can stop programs that you wouldn't use right away from starting automatically as soon as you login by unchecking their respective boxes under the startup tab in msconfig -- programs like iTunes, QuickTime, Skype, etc. Those are the common ones that I see from your list of programs.

Also, I don't know how you feel about Symantec but maybe you can switch to a lighter-weight antivirus like Microsoft Security essentials or avast. This is a highly subjective subject of course; you can search for a thread about antiviruses. I know the two that I've suggested and most others have their update mechanism built in and not in a separate program like LiveUpdate 3.2 (Symantec Corporation).
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