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The Best TV shows this new season?

Just wondering what are everyone's votes for the best new TV shows this season. I expected there to be a topic like this, but I didn't see one--feel free to shut this thread down if I'm missing it. I haven't really watched very many shows yet this season, but I'm enjoying what I've seen so far of The Event. Started to watch Outlaw but kind of quit when my partner read a NPR review of it that totally trashed it--it was kind of silly:)
I'm watching a rerun of an old series "Alias" with Jennifer Garner. I saw the odd chapter a few years ago, but for the first time am able to work through chapter by chapter. In absence of any other really good shows, except for CSI Miami, it is keeping me on the go.
Chuck and The big bang theory. fourth season has been just started for both of these TV series. Watched the first episode of this TV series called The Gates. It's pretty good.
Speaking strictly about the new shows, I quite like Mike & Molly as well as Raising Hope.
I have not seen any new shows that I feel are must see.
The new Dexter, Supernatural and NCIS episodes!
Isn't this topic is about the new shows? Smile

Personally I saw just a few of the new shows but still hard to vote for one.
No Ordinary Family and Running Wilde was starting good but became dull / not funny enough.
I didn't liked Undercovers, many people compare it to Chuck (which is one of my favorites), but it's far from it, especially if it comes to humor.
I don't know what I should think about The Event, I didn't liked the pilot and after I watch one of the later episodes the feeling stuck is just a "bleh ok", but the next week I drawn to the next episode, the overal plot is still interesting enough.
I was a My Name Is Earl fan, so I expected a lot from Greg Garcia's next show, Raising Hope, but it doesn't really achive it, although it's a fun show to watch.
Most of the shows' rating (in my eye) is wavering, except one which is a rock solid good - but not exceptional - and that is Hawaii Five-0, which is a typical episodic action oriented light drama, it's absolutely the same in every episode, but for a fully episodic tv show that's not necessarily a bad thing.
StarGate Universe second season has started too.
I would say Dexter and Skins (British). Smile

Supernatural and Psych Very Happy
Hawaii Five-O, and Sons of Anarchy.
I started watching The Event a little late catching up online. I find it interesting enough that I want to keep watching. Definitely like the non-linear timeline format, even if it is mostly linear overall (the general progression of things). And it keeps me feeling like I want to see more. So, I'd say so far so good.

I wasn't really into Outsourced on NBC, but maybe I just didn't give it enough of a chance. Still, I didn't find it overly funny, and I didn't like the main character from the start. I feel like that show will get better toward the end or get canned.

Those are the only new ones I've watched so far.
I have started watching this new TV series called The Event too. Another Series about another conspiracy theory. But this series not boring.
Only thing airing at the moment that I'm considering watching would be Castle.

And that's simply because, you guessed it, Nathan Fillion is there.
cherry-pie wrote:
Supernatural and Psych Very Happy

I love supernatural. Never seen psych--what's it about?
Reality Television is back! I love this season of The Apprentice, Survivor and Amazing Race. (Can't say the same about American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or the Bachelor, but then again, I never really cared for those shows).
People still not talking about the actual season... Smile

For example Ghost Whisperer ended almost a year ago.
What about Game of Thrones. At least that one is really new (only 2 episodes released).
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