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USB Device Protection

I just finished coding this software, and now releasing it to the public.

USB devices are very common nowadays, it comes in many forms; Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, Card Readers, etc. Along with them, are these pesky worms. They replicate through various ways, and one way is by removable devices. They make a copy of themselves in the devices root directory, with hidden and system attributes. Most variants uses autorun.inf in infecting host computers.

Ive experienced a lot of calls for fixes on different laptops and computers, by relatives and friends. Most of them are caused by worms. They eat up a lot of resources, and most variants infects every removable device in the computer. Though they are pretty easy to handle, its always hard to secure the computer, and not letting it happen again. Also, its so boring doing things over and over again, without guaranteed end.

Few days ago, I came up with an idea that will secure the host computer, and at the same time clean the removable device (mostly USB). Its a small software that runs on background and scans the removable devices on a computer every second. Whenever an autorun.inf file is detected, it will automatically delete it. If the worm made some folders inaccessible by hiding them and changing the attributes, the software will revert it to normal.

This small software is very simple, yet very powerful and very useful. The size of the binary is a bit large, because I coded it in Microsoft C# .NET, and requires .NET Framework v2.0. The main reason I used the 2.0 version of the .NET Framework is, compatibility. Most computers nowadays have already .NET Framework v2.0 installed. I had the software configured to require version 4.0 first, but then I decided to change it.

This is compatible with almost all Windows operating system that can run .NET Framework 2.0. If you do not have a .NET Framework, the link is included below. This is also compatible with 64bit Windows, and in fact, I built this using 64bit Windows 7.

Download it from my blog post:
wooow this is I watch some webs,and then I share to my friends,it is amazing !!good JOB!
Usualy Worms ( like conficker) will modify existing AutoRun.inf files or create one if none is found.
so deleting will not realy help, USB Vaccine by Panda security will actualy Lock the autorun file so it can't be modified by a virus or worm. and it even prevents PC's from autorunning the .inf file.

when I start off with a fresh install, the first thing I do is edit the registry to block any kind of autorun.
also, I recently started using Avira again instead of avast and noticed that this one also blocks all autoruns when the security is set to high.

EDIT: why do you comment on your own post with:
granvals wrote:
wooow this is I watch some webs,and then I share to my friends,it is amazing !!good JOB!

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