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Mozilla Firefox

I like Mozilla Firefox as a great browser but recently it has been giving me some probs. I downloaded some new extensions when i installed Firefox 1.0.4. The ones i didn't lik i uninstalled and as firefox does it-u hav to restart firefox to uninstall the extension. I did that but the programs r still there and no matter how much i try to get rid of them they wont budge. I also installing Firefox 1.0.7 but nothin seems to work. If u hav any idea as to wat is wrong, please help me!!!! Sad
i thinq that the extension could have one or more bug
you delete it in program file and instal it in another like C :
and if it doesn't work and if you don't have a good AV you could restart your computer as you buy it ...
Just delete all files that have anything to do with forefox and reinstall firefox, not your comp. And do it manually not through firefox. Thats what I had to do when I tried to get the macromedia extension. And its not hard, GOOD LUCK!
I love FireFox, it is so much quicker than lame IE, I love how the pages open super fast, and I NEVER get popups. : )
Search for a directory like

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\7ovqk3f8.default\extensions

You will find all the extensions installed here. Just delete the directory of the extension and it is gone!
Start afresh:
1. Backup your bookmarks and other settings
2. Remove all installed copies of Firefox from add/remove
3. Remove your profile directory (see
here for more details)
4. Search for xpicleanup.dat and delete that file if it exists
5. Reinstall Firefox and all extensions
uninstall it and reinstall it again on a better version of firefox.
If you have problems with an extension, because you updated FireFox, try to update the extensions as well.

Exclamation : More extensions => Slower FireFox => FireFox will freeze quicker.

James Smile
Mozilla is the best web browser. I like it. :D
You could try a clean install.
1. Uninstall.
2. Go to C:/pogram files/
3. Delete folder Mozilla firefox
4. Use registry cleaner to clean the registry.
5. Install the lastest one.

I have use firefox for more than a year. Best browser ever. I love tab browsing, search addon. Great RSS. Less hackers. And free.

It is faster than IE but slower than Opera (but you see ads with Opera). I display link icon better than IE.

I got a problem in building my website using Mambo. Template display differently in IE and firefox!!! Can not fix!!!
Just deleting \program files\mozilla firefox won't do it. all the customized info for firefox is stored \docs and settings\$your user name\app data\mozilla\firefox\etc...
that is also where extensions are stored!
uninstall FF, MOVE the mozilla folder in Docs Settings\app data to the desktop or somewhere
reinstall FF 1.0.7
copy back your bookmarks from the backed up folder.
reinstall extensions
Could also try firefox safemode. I've never used it before I but I would think it just loads the browser no extensions. From their you might be able to uninstall them.
You could uninstall your existing version, and download the new firefox beta version. Worked for me Very Happy
Firefox is open source and can therefore have problems at times. Try updating to the latest stable version and then updating your extentions.
i prefer firefox as well.
its due to third party plugin even i faced similar problem nowi ma using k-meleon its really fast compare with firfox i am not sure how much security
go into your task manager, if you havent tried re-booting your whole machine yet.

Firefox likes to keep a part of itself always running for some reason, you may need to go in and remove it from the running processes.

if that doesnt work get rid of it from the extensions folder inside of the firefox folder under program files.
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