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Live Tv Channels Free

If you want to watch tv and dont have tv set or tv card like me.

then just visit

here you can find most of the channels from most the countries worldwid.

i like this site.
i can't open this site.
wow, nice.

I guess, satellite receivers will become outdated soon enough.

thanks for the link.
i watch alot is has live channels, most of the time they do go offline but there great!
thanks for the links is it possible to see the Sports Channel mostly cricket
thanks i am watching it really fast.
India news channels not working , Sad
Thanks for the link by the way, can see other movies channels., Indian movie channels are full of ads.
Very nice and useful live TV online.
Thanks very much for your share, rjraaz.

A lot of these sites are not in HD, which is the new format for most TV sets and satellite receivers.

Still, a pc / laptop provides a means for users to watch most of their favourite programs online.

Thanks guys for the links. Its interesting, and a lot of others will come up, but viewing pleasure is greatly dependent on you internet bandwidth and pc processing power as well.
I guess you could connect it to your tv, and have like an interactive tv box. :p

I still feel that a lot of the online content is low in quality for viewing, but yes, if you can't afford it, this provides the best way of watching it.
I have to disagree on satellitedirect

for me too it has good interface, and its not true that 99% does not work. more like 30% and those are area specific. i'm in Europe and don't get much of the US channels but the rest are pretty fine.
Hmmm nice but i have 1mb DSl line so i cant enjoy it
Holy crap! I must have first seen this site like at least 10 years ago. Blast from the past. Thought the domain looked familiar. Looks like they haven't changed their inteface much in that time. Don't fix what isn't broken I supposed.

Here's live streaming in lo/mid/hi quality of UK freeview channels:

By the way I have no idea of the legality of using the site outside of the UK or without a license.

ilmkidunya1 wrote:
Hmmm nice but i have 1mb DSl line so i cant enjoy it

You poor soul - I thought my connection was bad. Where do you live?
nice site , free tv woohoo!
rjraaz wrote:
If you want to watch tv and dont have tv set or tv card like me.

then just visit

here you can find most of the channels from most the countries worldwid.

i like this site.

okay.. this will be interesting site.. i will check this later.
Some good links here thankyou

TVUnetwork is my offering for random worldwide ip tv.
thank you bro. mostly i am using

these are the best streaming in pakistan, and also your can watch very smoothly all tv channels online.
free 1080p? Rolling Eyes
geo_ps wrote:
free 1080p? Rolling Eyes

Most likely have to wait a few years for that, best way to do it is wait 10 minutes after the programme ends and then get the 720p I find.
Hey guys... i want to share some good sites for you.
i m searching for some good streaming sites over the internet and I found a large list of sites but in most of sites content i get offline. But, and are the best sites and most of the content is in online mode for Free Tv Channels Online, Live Sports Channels and News and Entertainment channels.
You can watch here all the Indian channels, USA and UK channels, sports channels like ESPN HD Live, MUTV Live, Al Jazeera Sports +2 Live, Sab TV Live, and many more in good quality and sound.. hope You guys enjoy these sites.
any CNN live streaming links?

I was looking but i could not find a good links.
any idea if it shows live PPV's too?
thanks for the links
thanks for the link
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