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Review of Monster *warning may contain Spoiler* FINISHED


I felt like trying a new way of reviewing anime, episode by episode. I feel that It may help people see if they want to see the show and since this is a work in progress, i put a *may contain spoilers* since, it might if i am not careful. I will remove it when I am done. I will also post a comprehensive non spoiler including review when I am done, at the beginning.

Edit: I think I will keep my notes here, so people can see what I thought on a per episode base.

Exclamation It is here: Exclamation

Plot synopsis:

Doctor Tenma, is a successful brain surgeon, in fact he is considered one of the best in the world. he is engaged to the hospital head's daughter, and he seems to have it all. This all changes when a boy with a bullet hole in his head is brought to the hospital.


Monster Is a really well directed series. While at times it is very predictable, it will often throw unique idea's at it's audience, especially the ending, the main reason that I stuck with the series is because of how suspenseful it is. I just could not figure out how it was going to end.

The best thing going for the series are the characters, all of which are realistic and good, and, to an extent, its length. Additionally, what is nice about the series is that it is almost a panel by panel copy of the manga, and thus will make the fans of the manga like it.

the series has good pacing for it's audience to watch it with two or three episodes at a time, however if you had to watch it one episode a week I think that most people would dislike the series, since not much happens in any one particular episode, and it would be rather boring.

Monster is really a show about ethics, this is epecially clear when we learn about what really happened to the Liebert's at the end.

The only downside that I could see is the art style, particularly the noses. when I first started watching the show I almost stopped since the art was so ugly, and at the time I could not tell why I disliked it, later on I figured out that it was the noses. other than their noses, the art is fantastic, but it is a downside to the show.

In conclusion:

the show is a show about ethics, and perception. It is also a suspenseful mystery.

I give it 8.7 out of 10 stars

If you dislike long shows or can't stand their noses, subtract a star.

If you love a good mystery add a star.
01 "Herr Dr. Tenma"
My initial reaction to the show is that I do not like the art work, but I cannot place why. After a while I figure it out, it is the characters noses. They are not very good looking in my opinion, and make the artwork seem less good than it is.
Once I got past the art work, I started to get into the story.
Dr. Kenzou Tenma starts off as a weak character, and he does not stand up for himself, and this makes me mad several times during the first part of the first episode, and when He finally does stand up for himself, it feels like it was placed in the right time. The good part of the series it that it appears like it has good pacing, let’s see if it keeps up.
After standing up for himself it seems like things may start to go downhill for Tenma, let’s hope not.
02 "Downfall"
The second episode eases into itself very smoothly from the first, and it seems the pacing is still very good. The expected twist of events occur during this episode and is not really surprising, it appears that the show may be more predictable than I had hoped.
Then the murders happen, and it surprises me, a little. But frankly, I was kinda expecting it, since the name of the show is Monster.
03 "A Murder"
The pacing is definitely very well done in the show. Since each episode, seems to go by so quickly even though they are just as long as a normal show. The time shift, has a happy air to it since Tenma, gets a promotion, and frankly it seems to be setting him up for a fall, and is again predictable. Hopefully it will not be predictable…
The show then seems to be returning to the story, when a criminal appears.

04 "Night of the Execution"
GASP! The Monster is mentioned and youll never guess who Tenma meets again. It is a surprise, and none of you will guess who it is. Because it is not expected at all. None. They also make a criminal likable, and try to make you like him, and you will never guess why they are making him likeable…
05 "The Girl of Heidelberg"
We meet a very familiar person… and again who could this be? No one would ever be able to figure it out! the email is kinda creepy… and I would not think of it as a love note, it is just too creepy, maybe it is common in japan… or that could be just how there poetry is.
The story about Nina seems to be very predictable, about where it will be going and I think that you will agree.
06 "The Missing"
They kinda surprise me when they introduce a new character, it is kinda surprising that they add a character that seems so real, usually they don’t feel like they are a part of the cast, but they seem to have pulled this one off. Man… the monster sure is creepy.
07 "House of Tragedy"
Sad, Sad, Sad… And a very misguided detective. That is the most I can say about this episode, without giving away everything. Everyone becomes sad. Except me, because I foresaw it all. Like a fortune teller. The ending was not completely expected though, since the detective came back and has clearly stated his role in the show. Bad guy, with a need to always be right.
08 "Pursued"
I hate her So Much. Every time I see her I am like, Die B****, and Then I hope she does. She is evil and self centered. She also thinks that everyone has to forgive her when she treats them badly. She is one of a very few anime characters ever to really evoke anger from me.
This sound's like an interesting method to review anime. I always heard Monster was good, and have been meaning to read the manga for some time now but never got around to it.
the part I like about it so far is that it seems to be a frame by frame copy, of the manga. so I don't feel like I am missing anything if I dont read it. i did read the first few chapters though.

Note: I will start reviewing the show again soon, lately I have not been able to watch it, due to a lack of time. next weekend I will start again.
09 "The Girl and the Seasoned Soldier"
"Rouhei to Shōjo" (老兵と少女)

not a bad episode, not much happens, but it does show how excellent the pacing of the show is done.

10 "A Past Erased"
"Kesareta Kako" (消された過去)

I don't like otto, but this episode was not bad, I do like how the doctor does not care about what anyone thinks, quite the opposite of what he use to be.
11 "511 Kinderheim"
"511 Kinderheim" (511キンダーハイム)
I feel like Dieter will die, but i am not sure yet. I am afraid

12 "A Little Experiment"
"Sasayaka na Jikken" (ささやかな実験)

13 "Petra and Schumann"
"Petra to Schumann" (ペトラとシューマン)

Tenma really shines in this episode and this seems to explore how we as humans learn to trust people.

14 "Left Behind"
"Nokosareta Otoko · Nokosoreta Onna" (残された男·残された女)

I really hate Eva. that is all i have to say about this episode.
15 "Be My Baby"
"Be My Baby" (ビー·マイ·ベイビー)
The baby is so weird. I do wonder how big this group is and how much johan really is involved

16 "Wolf's Confession"
"Wolf no Kokuhaku" (ヴォルフの告白)
I feel bad for General Wolf
The only thing I don't like about this show is the art.
iman wrote:
The only thing I don't like about this show is the art.

I agree with you, I think it is the way the artist drew the noses, that make it look so bad. if they had normal noses it would look much better. I did get use to it towards the end though.
17 "Reunion"
"Saikai" (再会) July 27, 2004 December 14, 2009

this Episode was just ok. the cast basically comes back together here.

18 "The Fifth Spoonful of sugar"
"Gohaime no Satou" (五杯目の砂糖) August 3, 2004 December 14, 2009

a professional assassin, omg. odd title though.
19 "Monster's Abyss"
"Kaibutsu no Shinen" (怪物の深淵) August 10, 2004 December 21, 2009

Dr. Rudy Gillen is a very likable character, provided that he actually know you. otherwise he just makes wild guesses about you.

20 "Journey to Freiham"
"Freiham e no Tabi" (フライハムへの旅) August 17, 2004 December 21, 2009

I liked this episode, it was quite suspenseful. especially at the police station.
21 "Happy Holidays"
"Shiawase na Kyūjitsu" (幸せな休日) August 24, 2004 December 28, 2009

no comment.

22 "Lunge's Trap"
"Lunge no Wana" (ルンゲの罠) August 31, 2004 December 28, 2009

Tenma really is a doctor, no doubt about it.
23 "Eva's Confession"
"Eva no Kokuhaku" (エヴァの告白) September 7, 2004 January 4, 2010
Eva Heinemann is my least favorite character, ever, in the history of anime.

24 "Of Men and Dining"
"Otokotachi no Shokutaku" (男達の食卓) September 14, 2004 January 4, 2010

what a B****

25 "Thursday's Boy"
"Mokuyoubi no Seinen" (木曜日の青年) September 28, 2004 January 11, 2010

I did not know how this episode was going to end and it was quite suspenseful. I enjoyed it as well.
26 "The Secret Woods"
"Himitsu no Mori" (秘密の森) October 5, 2004 January 11, 2010
Johan really messes with the audienece with this episode, and i have no idea what he is planning during it.

27 "Proof"
"Shouko no Shina" (証拠の品) October 12, 2004 January 18, 2010

wikipedia does best:

"Richard tries to reconcile with his ex-wife while dealing with his past alcoholism with his psychiatrist Dr. Julius Reichwein. Karl is able to reconcile with his long lost father Schuwald with Johan's help."

28 "Just One Case"
"Tada Hitotsu no Jiken" (ただ一つの事件) October 19, 2004 January 18, 2010

29 "Execution"
"Shokei" (処刑) October 26, 2004 January 25, 2010
the criminal guy is craaaazy. poor Richard poor poor richard. he was a nice man

30 "Decision"
"Aru Ketsui" (ある決意) November 2, 2004 January 25, 2010

yay tenma!

31 "In Broad Daylight"
"Hakujitsu no moto e" (白日の下へ) November 9, 2004 February 1, 2010

Of course Tenma cant play by the rules... Rolling Eyes
32 "Sanctuary"
"Seiiki" (聖域) November 16, 2004 February 1, 2010

tenma really blew it.

33 "A Child's View"
"Kodomo no Jyoukei" (子供の情景) November 23, 2004 February 8, 2010

He has a plan!

34 "At the Edge of Darkness"
"Yami no Hate" (闇の果て) November 30, 2004 February 8, 2010

35 "My Nameless Hero"
"Nanashi no Hero" (名なしのヒーロー) December 7, 2004 February 15, 2010
Lunge questions Tenma's former friends from Japan to know more about his suspect. Domo, lol.

36 "The Monster of Chaos"
"Konton no Kaibutsu" (混沌の怪物) December 14, 2004 February 15, 2010

Lunge is very sure of himself

37 "A Nameless Monster"
"Namae no nai Kaibutsu" (なまえのないかいぶつ) January 11, 2005 February 22, 2010

Nina reads the book that Lotte found and begins to recall some memories.
38 "The Demon in My Eyes"
"Waga me no Akuma" (我が目の悪魔) January 18, 2005 February 22, 2010

I hope he is dead.

39 "The Hell in His Eyes"
"Me no Naka no Jigoku" (目の中の地獄) January 25, 2005 March 1, 2010

Lunge finally realizes some of the truth, and he is really stubborn.

40 "Grimmer"
"Grimmer" (グリマー) February 1, 2005 March 1, 2010
Wolfgang Grimmer is a freelance journalist trying to investigate allegations of child abuse and psychological reprogramming in the former East Germany orphanages.
Personally I like him, he is a good character and hopefully he will play a larger part of the story.
41 "The Ghost of 511"
"511 no Bourei" (511の亡霊) February 8, 2005 March 8, 2010

Yay Grimmer keeps on going!

42 "The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner"
"Choujin Shutainaa no Bouken" (超人シュタイナーの冒険) February 15, 2005 March 8, 2010

Inspector Filip Zeman of the Prague police is evil, feel the wrath of "The Magnificent Steiner"!!!!!

43 "Detective Suk"
"Suuku Keiji" (スーク刑事) February 22, 2005 March 15, 2010

Inspector Filip Zeman's protege, Detective Jan Suk, is not a bad guy. I kind of liked him.
44 "Double Darkness"
"Futatsu no Yami" (二つの闇) March 1, 2005 March 15, 2010

what is going on in this episode? it is so confusing.

45 "The Monster's Afterimage"
"Kaibutsu no Zanzou" (怪物の残像) March 8, 2005 March 22, 2010

Johan is creepy. Johan is Creepy.

46 "Contact"
"Setten" (接点) March 15, 2005 March 22, 2010

"The Magnificent Steiner" returns, don't die Grimmer!
47 "The Door to Nightmares"
"Akuma no Tobira" (悪魔の扉) March 22, 2005 March 29, 2010

I feel bad for nina, she is very confused.

48 "The Scariest Thing"
"Ichiban Kowaimono" (一番怖いもの) March 29, 2005 March 29, 2010

Nina is confused by her recent memories, still, and it makes the audience wonder what is really going on and what happened

49 "The Cruelest Thing"
"Ichiban Zankokuna koto" (一番残酷なこと) April 5, 2005 April 5, 2010

why does Johan hate everyone? it is very confusing.
Note: i will continue reviewing tomorrow, i finally have more free time.
50 "The Rose Mansion"
"Bara no Yashiki" (バラの屋敷) April 12, 2005 April 5, 2010

ohhh no!!!!! the ending....

51 "Monster's Love Letter"
"Kaibutsu no Love Letter" (怪物のラブレター) April 19, 2005 April 12, 2010
Eva Heinemann is the only anime character ever to earn the title of biggest b-.

52 "The Lawyer"
"Bengoshi" (脱獄囚·弁護士) April 26, 2005 April 12, 2010

maybe I will not have to worry about eva... please dear god!
53 "Determination"
"Ketsui" (決意) May 3, 2005 April 19, 2010

This is a pretty good episode, i like how it went, so suspenseful.

54 "The Escape"
"Dassou" (脱走) May 10, 2005 April 19, 2010

please, please, please let her die.

55 "Room 402"
"402 Goushitsu" (402号室) May 17, 2005 April 26, 2010

still full of suspense
56 "The Never-Ending Journey"
"Owaranai Tabi" (終わらない旅) May 24, 2005 April 26, 2010

puppetmaster is kinda an odd kind of way, and the mansion is still unclear

57 "That Night"
"Ano hi no Yoru" (あの日の夜) May 31, 2005 May 3, 2010

poor Nina, such bad memories

58 "I Hate This Job"
"Iyana Shigoto" (いやな仕事) June 7, 2005 May 3, 2010

Eva, why do you still live?

59 "The Man Who Saw the Devil"
"Akuma wo mita Otoko" (悪魔を見た男) June 14, 2005 May 10, 2010

updates continue tomorrow.
60 "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
"Shirisugita Otoko" (知りすぎた男) June 21, 2005 May 10, 2010

at the end of this episode i felt that the author was really trying to redeem eva as a character, and try to make her out to be a good person, but in realty no one cares about her, i hope she fails.

61 "The Door to Memories"
"Kioku no Tobira" (記憶の扉) June 28, 2005 May 17, 2010

this is a really intense episode, I can't wait for the next one, hopefully eva won't show up.

62 "A Pleasant Dinner Table"
"Tanoshii Shokutaku" (楽しい食卓) July 5, 2005 May 17, 2010

yay! no eva! at least yet...this is a sad episode all the same though.
63 "Unrelated Murders"
"Mukankei na Satsujin" (無関係な殺人) July 12, 2005 May 24, 2010

finally someone is starting to understand the big picture and they are not wanted for murder, or crazy, or running away.

64 "The Baby's Depression"
"Akanbou no Yuuutsu" (赤ん坊の憂鬱) July 19, 2005 May 24, 2010

not a big loss for the world, I actually kinda expected it, the moment I saw the baby, he was not a very good guy and that always spells out doom in these sorts of shows.

65 "Johan's Footprints"
"Yohan no Ashiato" (ヨハンの足跡) July 26, 2005 June 21, 2010

why did Tenma have to show up at such a bad time.
66 "Welcome Home"
"Okaeri" (おかえり) August 2, 2005 June 21, 2010

I was not expecting the show to go this way, it is very strange, but fits the show so far.

67 "I'm Back"
"Tadaima" (ただいま) August 9, 2005 June 28, 2010

OMG OMG. this episode is really wacked

68 "Ruhenheim"
"Ruhenheim" (ルーエンハイム) August 16, 2005 June 28, 2010

a dead cat is never a good sign, it usually means massacre.
69 "A Peaceful Home"
"Yasuragi no Ie" (安らぎの家) August 23, 2005 August 30, 2010

ok...I really don't know what to think about this episode, it was a rather odd one, and I really don't approve of the elderly giving little kids weapons, well, maybe for self defense. but, only that.

70 "The Town Massacre"
"Satsuriku no Machi" (殺戮の町) August 30, 2005 August 30, 2010

this episode is pretty much what the title says it is.

71 "The Wrath of the Magnificent Steiner"
"Choujin SHUTAINAA no Ikari" (超人シュタイナーの怒り) September 6, 2005 September 6, 2010

72 "A Nameless Man"
"Namae no nai Otoko" (名前のない男) September 13, 2005 September 6, 2010

this was a rather confusing episode, and I watched it twice to make sure that I understood it. It probably did not help that it was near 1 in the morning when I watched it...

73 "Scenery for a Doomsday"
"Owari no Fuukei" (終わりの風景) September 20, 2005 September 13, 2010

oh the irony. haha.

74 "The Real Monster"
"Hontou no Kaibutsu" (本当の怪物) September 27, 2005 September 13, 2010

all is revealed, a truly sad story. and The End.

Full review will be summed up by tomorrow
Anyone want me to do another review? Requests are welcome.
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