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hello friend
can any body tell me how to backup bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox??
Also, you should download the latest beta version of Firefox; it comes with bookmark syncing. I'm suggesting this just in case you were backing up to import your bookmarks to another computer.
if you are not using latest beta, you can use firefox sync add-on.

later when you upgrade firefox, the add-on is built in like ahnguye5 said, and you just continue using it as usual.

be careful, if you are using more than one computer and want to keep different bookmark for each computer, just create another account for each computer, otherwise it will merge all your bookmark together and it will get really messy.
you could copy the entire profile. (+ the profile.ini)
here at work I work on 4 different machines and because the system lacks any type of "roaming profile" I wrote my own startup and shut down script.

this is the part of the script that imports the Firefox profile from a mapped network drive at startup.
at shutdown I copy the profile back to the network drive.


/* Mozilla remote Path */
var MOZILLA = "\\Mozilla\\Firefox\\" ;

/* RomingProfile Remote Home Path */
var REMOTE_BASE   = "H:\\RoamingProfile\\" ;

/* Firefox Path */

/* Firefox Local Cache Folder*/
var FIREFOX_PROFILE_CACHE = LOCALSETTINGS + "\\Application Data" + MOZILLA + "Profiles\\";

/* Firefox Profiles Path */

/* Firefox configuration Path */
var FIREFOX_PROFILE_INI= FIREFOX_BASE + "profiles.ini" ;

/* Firefox remote Path */
var FIREFOX_REMOTE = REMOTE_BASE + "Firefox\\" ;

folderDeleteContent ( FIREFOX_PROFILE_CACHE ) ; // Delete firefox cache
folderMoveContent( FIREFOX_REMOTE + "Profiles\\", FIREFOX_PROFILE ); //import firefox profile dir
fileMove ( FIREFOX_REMOTE +"profiles.ini", FIREFOX_PROFILE_INI); // import firefox profile.ini

* @description: returns the path of a environment variable
* @param: {String} sVar the name of the environment variable
function varExpand( sVar )
    return WShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings( sVar );

* @description: Moves the Contents of a folder to a specified destination
* @param {String} sSource Source Path of the Folder that has the content that needs to be moved
* @param {String} sDest the Destination of the files to be moved
function folderMoveContent ( sSource, sDest )
    try {
        // get handle to the source folder
        var hFolder = fso.GetFolder(sSource);         
        //Get the collection of the files
        var fc = new Enumerator(hFolder.files);
        // check if there are files
        if ( fc.item() != undefined )
            //Loop through the files
             for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
                //if destination file exists
                if ( fso.fileExists ( sDest ) )
                    fso.GetFile ( sDest ).Delete( true ); //delete file
                // move the file to the destination
                fso.GetFile( fc.item() ).Copy ( sDest );
        // get a collection of the subfolders
        var fc = new Enumerator(hFolder.SubFolders);
        // loop through the subfolders
        for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
            //Copy the folder
            fso.GetFolder( fc.item() ).Copy (sDest);         
        // return true if success
        return true;
    }catch ( e ) { // catch errors
        alert ( "Folder or file Move Failed for:\n" + sSource + "\n to \n" + sDest + "\n\n" + e.description);
        // return false on failure
        return false;

* @description: Delete the contents of a folder
* @param: {String} sF path of the folder of which the content needs to be removed.
function folderDeleteContent(sF)
    var hFolder = fso.GetFolder( sF );
    var fc = new Enumerator( hFolder.files );
    for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
        fso.GetFile( fc.item() ).Delete( true );
    fc = new Enumerator( hFolder.SubFolders );
    for (; !fc.atEnd(); fc.moveNext())
            alert ("DELETING: " + fc.item()  );
            fso.GetFolder( fc.item() ).Delete( true );
        }catch ( e ) {

* @description: Move a specific File
* @param {String} sSource Source Path of the File to move
* @param {String} sDest the Destination of the file to be moved
* @type void
function fileMove(sSource, sDest)
    try {
        fso.GetFile ( sSource ) .Copy ( sDest );
    }catch ( e ) {
          alert ( "File Move Failed for:\n" + sSource + "\n to \n" + sDest + "\n\n" + e.description);

PS: this script was written a loooooong time ago, I know it is messy and I know it could be written better, but it does the job and I don't feel like rewriting the lot Laughing
thank you freinds for your help. but now i had successfully backedup my bookmarks but by using a simple technique.

here it goes:
* start firefox
*go to bookmarks
* organise bookmark
*select all bookmarks
* now select Import n backup
* select import html
* select location to save the .html file
* you are done with it.

for more such tips visit my blog
the url add. is in included in my signature.
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