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Anyone into bridges?

So I am taking a CE (civil engineering) class currently and are playing with a program that you can build bridges. The program is completely free and pretty entertaining. It shows prices and things such as this

It is a free download for both windows and mac. I have been playing with it today and it is actually pretty interesting. Tell me what you guys think
Thanks for the information. I will give it a try and let you know.
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Bridge building is a great work that needs all concentration....

I wish i can build one but this is not basket making you know....

I will advice you to contract julius Berber or anyother construction company..

Bridges are very important as they can be a link between two broken road.....

Bridges are ment to be very stronge as to be able to carry many acrs at the same time...
I like some kind of projects i see today.

I mean the building projects i see everywhere.

Now being a builder is a gift.

I call it a gift because its like an artwork.

Artworks are usually mind set works.

They are imaginations that are real.

You must be talented to build a strong house.

You must have the gift to be able to design.

You should be able to see a design and understand its concept.

If i have the ability i will make a great design.
i dont know anything about
ujjawall wrote:
ple anyone me the information about skype........... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

skype link here
I love this question because I keep getting it from young people from time to time, and I get to relive the awesome experience I had building a bridge out of balsa wood and testing it's strength. Kids these days don't get the joy of watching their creation under stress and eventually have all that work be destroyed in the name of science to find it's breaking point because they don't use real wood much any more, but I imagine the project is fun none the less.

I spent time on several factors that made my bridge design stand up better than any other design presented, including the teachers. I tested the wood I was using to find it's strongest points, I reviewed my design for break points that would cause the structure to fail at a weak point instead of distributing the force, and I kept removing pieces that didn't effect performance as my original bridge design was too heavy for the contest. I made the child's mistake of weighing only the wood I was going to use, and forgot to account for the weight of the dried glue.

Long story short: at the end of the day of testing everyone's bridges all were broken but mine and the teachers, and he had to go get more weights and bring them the next day to continue to experiment because we both took all the weight, plus anything we could fit in the bucket below. The next day he started with sand in the bucket, but his bridge broke after awhile and mine continued to take all the weight that we could put on it. Eventually we took all the weight off because it equaled just shy of my actual body weight at the time, around 90 pounds, so we put the bridge up higher and I huge from beneath the bridge for about 10 seconds before the entire bridge EXPLODED all over the room and dropped me to the floor laughing. I was amazed that not a single piece of my bridge was more than 1 inch long after the explosion which means my bridge had distributed the weight across it's entirety.

My only disappointment is that I haven't ever rebuilt the design although others have many times. I keep sending the design to kids who ask from time to time, and they enter it into their own contests and I think it's a lot of fun to work on those kinds of projects, so I'm happy to give them some pointers, but they still have to build the bridge themselves. I only give them the picture I started with which puts force along lines that are strong no matter what the bridge is made out of.

I'll send the design to anyone who wants a look, and I may even do a quick image to upload to my website if there is continued interest in this subject. Nice topic BTW... I LOVE bridges, and Civil Engineering.

PS. the follow up post comes way late on this thread and off topic! I didn't see how old it was, but I like it, so it's cool with me if it's revived!
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