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the plot line of the new Fox TV series "Glee" leaves a lot to be desired. In many instances, plot points from earlier episodes are ignored entirely in later episodes (like the mandate that all songs be about God or balloons after the club put on a sexed-up routine to "Push It" at a pep rally) and the story seems to be based more on recurring themes than a cohesive plot line. But who cares?! The real magic of the show lies in its two strong points: the characters and the music.

The characters are hilarious, and obviously a masterful fusion of great acting and clever writing. They are over the top, extreme, and purposefully cliché. Whenever any of the characters gets a section of internal dialogue in the show, it usually leaves me breathless with laughter.

The music is brilliant. Kudos to Fox for their continued clever use of iTunes that they started with American Idol. The cast covers songs from all genres and are unerringly original and 100% fun. I'm seriously impressed with all members of the cast. (Especially as it becomes apparent that ALL of the cast can sing, as Emma revealed in last week's episode). It makes me wish fervently that there had been a glee club in my high school.

WOW! I couldn't disagree more. I've watched a couple of segments of this show including the entire first episode. I personally can't stand the acting. I found the characters to be uninteresting and predictable. So you say the actors can sing. It doesn't show in the show as it looks like they are lip singing everything. If they are in fact singing during the filming then the producers are doing an awful job laying the audio over the video because half the time the words are not matching up with the lip movements. The dancing is just plain terrible. My wife is a former ballerina and amateur dancer. She had to turn off one episode when the actors were pretending to dance because it was just insulting.

What I really don't understand is what people find entertaining about this show. Listening to the entertainment news I seem to alone in this opinion though as the show seems to be very popular.
Glee... it is not interesting to talk about...
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