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Task manager

I don knw y but my task manager wont start up. Whenever i start it a error message like this come-'task manager has been disabled by your administrator'. Prob is tht i'm the admin. Help me!!!!
I bet you got hacked by a spyware lol, which disabled the task manager so you can't end that process.

If you are using windows XP, i'll suggest to restore your pc to back date.

This might solve the problem too.

Go to start>run>type msconfig. A start up manager window will appear. Go to last Tab, you will see few process. Run on search on google for all process for eg. "<process name here> process information" and try to find the spyware and uncheck it..restart PC.
go to your msconfig-->>startup-->>uncheck everything..
if problem still persists...format your PC ^__^
There are other solutions to wiping your HD. See if that works if it soesnt post again and give all info about the problem that you can. i wasnt able to open my task manager due to some virus. The only one I've had in a while too Sad Broke my record..but anyway the point is I was still able to fix it even without know the msconfig trick. THANKS FOR SHARING THAT MAKES THINGS EASIER NOW!
I dont really see why you advice him to wipe his hd clean. The task manager is the thing that pops up when you click ctrl-alt-del you know. Its not like his computer wont start or anything. Since it says it is disabled by the admin and he is the admin he should be able to enable it again. In a simple search on google i found this among many other:
Definitely looks like a spyware/trojan problem.... Run all the spyware/antivirus checks you can....
I am using Ashampoo PowerUp XP from It can give administer of the PC the right to stop user from edditing registry and open task manager. So, I think there's some way that hackers, trojan, and viruses can do for your computers. Use the free scan from Symantec: to scan for any spyware, adware. If not, it may be your operating system error. You may wipe your harddrive and install a clean installation of windows. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. I have experience in windows installtions and softwares.
jawker wrote:
go to your msconfig-->>startup-->>uncheck everything..

If you do that, there is a biiiiiig chance your computer won't start up at all Confused
jawker wrote:
go to your msconfig-->>startup-->>uncheck everything..
if problem still persists...format your PC ^__^

You dont have to uncheck everything. That would render your PC useless and it wont boot up. I think you have can uncheck everything except KBD, RECGuard, Ps2 and your antivirus auto-protect if you have any. Also try system restore.
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