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Windows 7 desktop gadgets

App Launcher

One aspect of Windows 7 that annoyed and frustrated many users was the omission of the Quick Launch toolbar. If you're like me, for years you've relied on the Quick Launch bar to access your frequently used programs. There is a way to get Quick Launch back, but unlike with previous versions of Windows, you can't separate the Quick Launch bar from the main Taskbar. That means it takes up precious space on the Taskbar that you might need for open programs, system tray items, etc.

Enter the App Launcher gadget. It serves the same purpose as the Quick Launch bar but can be placed anywhere you want on the desktop. You can add whatever programs you want by dragging them to the gadget, configure the number of icons to display per row and whether to center them, and change the background image.

Windows Orb Clock

During all the time I used Vista and the first year I used Windows 7, my analog clock gadget of choice was the electric blue version of the one that comes with the operating system. But now I've switched to a much cooler model: the Vista Orb Clock. Of course, the same orb is also on the Windows 7 Start menu. I love its clean look and the nice symmetry of having it just across from my Start Menu orb

Magic Folder

Okay, granted, the icon isn't the most professional looking, as you can see in Figure I. And many folks won't like the idea of having a folder make decisions about where to save their files. But for those who always seem to end up with dozens of files sitting on the desktop because they never get around to moving them into appropriate folders, Magic Folder could be a godsend. You just drag your files to the magic folder and it examines the file extensions and sends the files to the "right" folder. For example, .doc files go to the Documents folder; .jpg, .gif, and other image files go to the Pictures folder. The nice thing is that you can add or remove the file extensions recognized by the gadget, change where specific extensions should be put, and you add your own folder locations.

If you want to maintain more control, you can set the gadget to prompt you before it moves a file to a folder. Oh, and you can also change the appearance of the folder icon to something a little less... magical.

That is not the end of list there will be more come back soon with them.

mOrpheuS wrote:
Quote tags added. Please use quote tags around text that you haven't written yourself.
As far as I know there is a 'pin item to taskbar'-option, which you can use as a quick launch.
At least there is on windows 7 starter, but I'm sure it's on other windows 7 versions too.
meep wrote:
As far as I know there is a 'pin item to taskbar'-option, which you can use as a quick launch.
At least there is on windows 7 starter, but I'm sure it's on other windows 7 versions too.

yes you are right but here is know quick launch like and pin to taskbar filled the whole taskbar if we use large amount of shortcuts.
1. right click on taskbar -> toolbars -> new toolbar.
2. enter
%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
in the folder bar and choose select folder.
3. expand the toolbar by dragging it to the left, right click on "quick launch" and uncheck 'show text' and check 'small icons.'
Nice tip Meep

Windows 7 is very very good
Nice Tip.. it works..
can't wait for more gadgets Very Happy
You can find a lot of them, in the microsoft page. I had download it a lot of good ones there. All of them are free.
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