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web hosting?

how to get host?
You need to post five quality posts and have 10 points, then you can apply for web hosting.
At the top there should be something that states either Account or Request hosting. At this point you should click this link and follow all of the directions there. It may take some time to get through your request after that so please be patient.
Sorry, am new on this great site, can i get host without posting...?
Soloshow56 wrote:
Sorry, am new on this great site, can i get host without posting...?

I posted this earlier in reply to another post of yours...
Welcome to the site/forums for a start Smile

Regarding your request for help, you won't get any free hosting (or cPanel access) until you make the required number of quality posts here in the community, and then apply for the free services.

Quality posts do not include txt spk, sav dat 4 ur mobi yeh, but they do include contributing your views and opinions on the many different discussions here on Frihost.
It's a rule that helps keep people out who don't want to make any effort for the services, and it seems to work as this is quite a nice place to get involved with interesting online conversations.

Share your views and post some of the stuff that must be interesting in your life, I bet someone here will share the same things.
You'll get your hosting and free stuff after a while, and by then you'll probably enjoy logging into this place just for the forums as well.
Gud day, please i wud like 2 ask diz ?, wen i reg i got 10points and i ws asked to register wit 1 site, my ? goes thus, is it only dts affliated to ur site cuz i have acct wit, am i going to open anoda domain wit dem, i min, cant i use ma
A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web.

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Our in-depth understanding of the web has enabled us to extend wide-ranging services pertaining to this particular domain. So right from resellers to dedicated server owners , we are with you in the all sorts of risk factors involved in web hosting business. Every step of the way.
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