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Domain prob

Maybe this is out of topic

Last week, i bought domain name from yahoo, and park my domain at hostingA, after 2 days, i found that my site was down, i asked hostingA admin. they said there is prob with my domain.

then i use Whois tool to check on my own domain, i found that the domain was cancelled by a name(maybe Yahoo), dunno why, i ve emailed them, still no answer.

Anybody experinced this? Is there a posibility of domain hack or what?
If your domain was cancelled by yahoo, then you should contact yahoo. Are you sure everything went fine during the payment?
This is Yahoo's problem ..
Payment is ok, the card personnel called me to confirm the payment, and it was stated in my acc already.
I ask yahoo, why they cancel my domain purchasing? but u c they didnt answer my question.refer the replied mail:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Domains. I hope this email answers your

I understand that you would like to reactivate your Domains account.

Please note that, it is possible to reactivate your Yahoo! Domains

To reactivate your Domains account:

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Domains account at:

2. Click the "Use it with a Yahoo! plan" link next to the domain name
search box.

3. Enter the domain name you would like to reactivate. Please be sure to
sign in with the Yahoo! ID that was used to purchase your domain.

4. You will be asked to confirm that this is the domain name you would
like to reactivate.

5. Confirm the service that you will be receiving "Domain Name"

6. Fill out your payment information.

7. Review your order and click the "Place My Order" button.

Your Yahoo! Domains account is reactivated and you can begin using the
features immediately. Please note that your domain name may not resolve
for another 24 to 48 hours. This is a standard propagation period.

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:
Well tester, this really is a problem with Yahoo and not with our hosting. I can't solve it, you need to do it on their website.
I sent them another email as attached, still no reply: what should I do? Sad

I have a few issues to raise up:

1. You didnt answer my question,refer the subject of this email,(Why my
domain was cancelled?)

2. I have followed the instruction in your replied mail, but cannot
proceed to reactivate my domain, I got this msg:

This domain is already hosted by Yahoo! and has other services associated
with it.
At this time, you can not register your domain with more than one Yahoo!

For your info, i ve already sign in during the reactivation process.

3. Do I get the same price(USD2.99) when i want to reactivate the domain?
Coz i bought it during promotion.

I really disappointed coz my domain was suddenly cancelled by yahoo. I
hope you have good explanation about this.

Disappointed man-Sad
Tester wrote:
I really disappointed coz my domain was suddenly cancelled by yahoo. I
hope you have good explanation about this.

I understand that you are disappointed, but Frihost has nothing in common with Yahoo.

I can only advise you to register domains with .
Thanks bonding, now looking a new domain to buy
Or you could use

The domains at DomainSite are only US$6.99 and they're highly reliable. I'd definately recommend them. I would not suggest any sites that have prices under about US$6 as this is the 'wholesale price', so if the price is below that then they would be losing money.
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