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Do You Have A Laptop ?

Do You Have A Laptop ?
 73%  [ 17 ]
 26%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 23

This is a pretty streight-forward poll - "Do You Have A Laptop ?". Vote "Yes" or "No". If you do, post the specs of it (and maybe a photo, if possible) in a reply to this thread.

I have a laptop, it's very old but it does work.

Specs :
Compaq LTE 5400
Intel Pentium @ 150 MHz
1.0 GB HDD
Floppy Disk Drive (No CD-ROM Drive)
Dead Battery
Xircom 10/100+56K Modem PCMCIA Card
Windows 95
$0.00 (Got it for free from a friend of mine when he bought a new one).

Photo :
Here it is, in all of it's glory :

Very meteocre, I know, I plan on getting a better one soon. The hard drive in mine right now is all full up. Sad Sorta hard to reformat the machine as there's no CD-ROM drive, they're very expensive on eBay.

Just to keep all of you updated, I got myself a newer laptop the other week. I forgot to update this thread saying that I got it.

Specs :
Dell Inspiron 1150
Mobile Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.8 GHz
40.0 GB HDD
CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drive
100% Charged Battery
Built-in Modem + 10/100 NIC + Wireless Connection
Windows XP Professional

Photo :
Here's my new beauty :

- Mike.
Holy old laptop!

I currently don't have one. I'd like to have one even if it's only 700Mhz as I would probably just most likely use it to watch movies when I travel.
No, I do not have a laptop. I prefer a desktop because you get a better view of everything. On a laptop, you have to look at the small screen and I don't like that. You have to get the full potential off a computer. A laptop is Ok when you are travelling around much.
hez mark ı dunno when you saw a laptop the last tıme but ı guess ıts about 5 years ago.. *gg

arghh ... (turkey typing set Sad

wel ok...
ı thınk the laptops today have many thıngs that make them `better` than desktops... sure ıf destops have theır pro and cons but ı thınk todaz ıts usefull to have a notebook and not only a desktop... so here we go...

you can take ıt to everz place you lıke... and ıf you thınk ther dısplazs are too small... ı bet that my notebook has an better/hıgher resulutıon then your desktop Razz

well not verz nıce arguments .. hmm

hmm some specs .. ^^ *thınk*

1.7 centrıno
512 mb ram
atı mobılıty radeon 9600 (or was ıt 9700 gmrl) (1200x800 px)

ı think the rest isnt interesting...

bye.. adn greetıng from an turkey ınternet cafe^^
I've got an Asus W3N

Centrino 1.6
512MB Memory
60GB hard disk drive
DVD burner
14 inch screen
I dont know if you can call this a laptop but I have:

A 486
12 mb ram
I dont know what for video
a 180mb hard drive
and Windows 95

It doesnt work half the time but it still works
i've got one with
AMD turion 64 1,8
windows xp
512 mb ram
atı mobılıty radeon 9600

And it interesting because i can record me playing music wherewer i want but i told everyone that if you want to buy one you shoul buy a MAC you'll be sure on those because there's no bug and no virus
I have a Compaq R3140CA, it has:
-AMD 64 3200+
-512 MB RAM
-60 GB HD
-15.4" Widescreen
-Nvidia GeForce 4 420 32MB

It's pretty good, just a bit too big/heavy, and the battery life good be better. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.
i don't have one

but i'm lookforward to get one sooooooooooooon

i'll tell you when i get it
Wow that laptop is old. I have one but mine is a new one that my dad bought for me. Its nice and everything but I barely use it. I dont really need it that much so my dad use's it now but its all good.
i have one. I really like laptops, just this one is a peice of junk. every time i play ragnarok for more than an hour, it overheats. So now i have a fan right next to it at all times. Its pathetic.
yes i got leptop.......but it's too i am gatting new 1 .............. Laughing Cool
yeah i have a laptop but it is about 5 years old and it is very nosy Very Happy
i dont have one..but looking for IBM ThinkPad
Tasadduq Khan
Confused I dont have a labtop. Sad
this is bad. I am very fond of laptop and used to use my friend's.

hoping I will get my soon. Very Happy
I have two lapttops. It cost 3000 .

I love laptops. Razz
what are for you the best type of laptop?
For me it's an Mac laptop because there's no virus on mac systeme ...
and because why can't coun't how much they are for windows
what are for you the best type of laptop?
For me it's an Mac laptop because there's no virus on mac systeme ...
and because why can't coun't how much they are for windows

You Can Called It As powerful Machine.......

I have one ....but not Like you.......Running with the stupid ms os....
Its Quite old now....Around 3years..........

i want a laptop ?

anyone mind donating one to me Smile
ohhh laptop specs Very Happy I love my laptop

- Compaq Presario B3800
- 80 GB HDD
- 1 GIG of RAM <-- love that point Very Happy
- Pentium M 1.8 GHz
- 15" screen... I think
- Huge battery life :p 4.5 hours roughly
-128MB ATI graphics
- Windows XP Pro
- Wireless 802.11 a/b/g compatible
- the usual ports..
- DVD Burner

Yeah well you all get the point Smile I like this laptop use it for school.
My Laptop was my first computer!

Intel Pentium 4 HT 3Ghz
15.4" TFT
ATI Mobility Radeon Shared up to 128mb
40Gb HDD
Dvd Dual 8x
256mb DDR (upgraded to 768mb)
not right now... but pretty soon i'll get my dream machine... my desktop replacement
I'm waiting for the next release of PowerBook. I need to do more linux work on it =)
I have a laptop from Genitech, not sure if any of you guys know Genitech but they kick serious butt.

I got a G-STORM GSX900FX, with about the lowest tier specs of its family.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 2.2ghz underclocked at 2.0 to prevent heat issues. (the desktop one, yes it's the only thing that owns here.)
OCZ 1 GB Dual Channel DDR/400MHz
80 GB Hard drive
nVIDIA Mobility GeForce 6800 GO (this is the 12 pipe one, 330/1000 clocked at 350/1050)
64-bit WinXP :]
Logitech MX300 Optical mouse, usb, can't stand the touchpad.
Going to get one soon with Intel PRO/Wireless 2915 abg...
Panasonic Toughbooks are a real good option if you want a very rugged laptop that could stand a lot of abuse. While not necessarily on the cutting edge, it's extremely tough. Used by the military and police agencies. I had a chance to work with one and i highly recommend it.
I have a (very old) Travelmate 330T. It works fine and I basically use it for BETA testing etc. Not sure of its details (like the type of RAM) as its second hand, but I know the basics:

Celeron 300Mhz
8MB Graphics
4GB hard drive
Windows 2000

Works fine but I can't use it as my main computer as it is too slow!
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