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Who has taken it? Did you find it easy, hard, or okay?

I'm taking it right now. It's alright.
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Well calculus is a rather broad field of mathematical studies. I assume that, by calculus, you're referring to single variable calculus. The reason why I assume that you're referring to that is that if you were referring to another field of calculus, you'd probably mention it.

And yes, single variable calculus is very easy. Well I, at least found it very easy. In my opinion, it is the first real math course people usually take (unless you take linear algebra before calculus). All of the other classes before it (high school algebra and geometry) are just arithmetic. Single variable calculus is very easy when you compare it to some of the other math classes you may eventually take - analysis, topology, algebra (abstract), etc.

One thing that I advise you is to NOT do what many students do... That is zone out when you get to series... Most students zone out for some reason... It may be that they do not see it as important or that they do not understand it. At any rate, they become too damn important in later maths and so you'll just have to go back and relearn them.

So good luck with your new class and post back here if you have any specific questions...
Yes, I find it easy so far.

The "calculus" in the course I'm taking is pretty basic so far. Limits, derivatives, etc. Most problems just involve doing that one calculus step and simplifying the rest of the problem using algebra.

I heard that college math gets way more complicated. I can't wait to start taking it, even though I probably won't find a real application for it in life.
Well, calculus is basically very easy - and is probably the most interesting math (if it's taught right)

The most difficult part though is basically understanding the fundamental concepts of integration and differentiation (and understanding the infinitesimal also helps).

Out of the many ways to look at differentiation and integration, I have found that these help in understanding the most:
- Differentiation : infinitesimal rate of change
- Integration: opposite of differentiation OR summation of an infinite number of infinitesimal terms
Ah. cool. We are currently on differentiation in my class.
For the most part, I find mathematics really quite easy, and have no real problems with calculus - although I much prefer trigonometry! I only say this, as trigonometry was much easier to get my head around when beginning to learn about it, whereas calculus took a little bit more effort to begin with, but after a while, I found it much easier to continue learning. I suppose that this is more of a personal thing - surely the experience would not be the same for everyone Smile
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