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Getting Girlfriend and Mother to get along

Here it goes.

My girlfriend does not like my mum. But its not so much of an issue because my Dad works in another country so my mum frequently jets around between both places.

The thing is, my mum has no issues with my girlfriend, although she does find it weird that she is never around when my mum is around.

I have almost been with her for a year, but so far she has only really seen my mum less than 5 times.
Whenever my mum is back in my country, she avoids coming over to my place to stay/do stuff.
Whenever i go dinner with my family, she avoids going along with us. (Even on special occasions)

My family is relocating home in January and i do not know how mediate between the 2 parties.

I am literally running out of ideas on what to tell my family whenever she doesn't come along

Another thing is that my girlfriend is sort of a loner type of personality. She literally has no friends and has fallen out with her good friends (permanently) recently over some "issues"

The reasons for not liking.

- My mum likes to nag and she can be overbearing
- She can be a little bit intrusive into her private life.

But then again i think most mums from Chinese background are like this due to their culture/upbringing.

What should i do to bring them together peacefully?
One of the oldest problems men always have had ! lol

Find out whats common between them. I mean things they both like.
This actually reminds me of a joke, see your mother won't like the girlfriend unless they are alike, and if they are alike there is a chance that your father won't like them, its basically a hit and miss area...

In my opinion its more if your happy than anything.
Getting partners & family to all mix takes a long time fella, and even when it works there'll be fall-outs and disagreements every now and then.
I wouldn't worry too much, but keep an eye on which side might be reasonable or not and remind the folk involved when they need it.
I can understand the loner/privacy thing with your girlfriend, but I can equally understand the prying/overbearing of your Mam. The important thing is about them each making a little sacrifice every now and then just to please the person they both love - you.
I'd tell girlfriend she needs to show her face every now and then to please me, and I'd tell my Mam that it would be cool if she just showed a bit more restraint when GF comes around.

Only you know how important your relationship is and how much you want it, so only you can help shape that relationship by explaining to each of them the others side.
Piggy in the middle? Absolutely, but thats always the case when a partner enters a family...and it's scary for all the people involved, thats love!

Good luck though, if its meant to work it will Smile
your girlfriend must understand what is your mom attitude... she should respect her the way he respect

you... because in the future she is going to be with your mom... maybe it is a little bit of adjustments

for her...
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