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Forum RPG!

This is one of my hobbies. My main hobby, aside from Photography. I've actually just started a whole new one, and am currently trying to gain active members to come join. Here's the main plotline:


<start transmission>
It was horrible...We never saw it coming. They came so suddenly, and everything shook like a nine point earth quake went off, and it didn't stop. People were screaming, everyone was screaming. The sound of it was horrific; like millions of burning children, like we'd all gone back to the Jewish torture camps in world war two, but many times worse. My skin felt like it was melting off my body, like I were a candle in the summer sun. It was searing hot, and yet ice cold at the same time. When I couldn't feel my legs any more, I passed out. I don't know how long I was out for; days, weeks, months. Time was irrelevant after that. People were still screaming, crying, and mourning. The sound of it was horrible, and I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't move or get up, it was like all the muscles in my body had vaporized, and all that was left was the tainted vision within my skull. My house was gone completely; the roof and walls had been totally blown off in the explosions. Days I laid there, starving to death, until someone finally found me buried under the second story roof that had collapsed on me from the house up the street. I was lucky enough to be on the edge of one of the bombs; others weren't so lucky. I guess in their minds, I'm the not so lucky one, barely living through something like that. They told me it was aliens, that didn't know what they had, they copied our technologies and blew themselves up, along with most of our planet. They think that they copied our databases and recreated the weapon to try and learn about us, but I don't care. Look at what they did to us. Our planet. Our race. I can't talk anymore...I'm getting too... weak...I...
<end transmission>

That, ladies and gentlemen, was the only tape we had of one of the few surface survivors there were from that attack. The aliens that came were primitive in the respect that they didn't really understand the technology they were stealing from us. A good comparison, we think, would be like the 1840's gaining the information from military supercomputers from just before the attack in 2012 and trying to replicate the information they'd gotten. We've theorized they were a weak race, trying to build a repertoire of weaponry for warfare, but made a mistake trying to do so, and inadvertently destroyed our entire planet in the process...

That was twenty years ago, and I could honestly say that I almost wished we were totally annihilated, instead of almost. It's a vicious world out there, and those of us left alive are forced to live with the curses of a nuclear attack of that scale - and surviving it. There are those out there who were once human, and have become something more - something evil, something twisted, and hungry. There is evidence now that the mutations have gone past a biophysical level; there are beings out there that are more like zombies and killing machines than humans; and darker yet, there is evidence that there is a whole new species out there wandering the top land that mutated as a result of direct exposure to nuclear blasts and various strands of alien and animal DNA that are no longer even considered human.

We know about the hive; we have discovered these evil beings have a main hole from which they crawl. Where this is, we aren't sure. The man that was transmitting the information was captured, and consequently devoured. From now on, no one is to leave the vaults unarmed, or alone. The door will remain shut until such time as people must exit on a need only basis, and once you're out, you're not coming back in until someone else important needs to be in, so you'd better be prepared. Among the mutated humans and animals, there is a new and evil force threatening our existence, so take due care - and stay inside the vaults.

We still haven't discovered if there are any survivors of the alien explosions or where they would be - if we discover anything, we will send out a broadcast.

Interested, yet? Here's the main board!

And if you have a hard time finding them, here's the the rules!
The story is well though Smile It sounds really cool, though I have no interest in a forum RPG so I won't play Sad
i'm really interested in playing an RPG by forum, but i never played "table rpgs" before and i don't know anyone who does, is it easy? or i would be like a roach when the lights are suddenly turned on?
Depending on your writing skills, it's fairly easy. Its pretty much writing lots of little stories with other people writing every couple paragraphs, instead of you doing the whole thing.
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