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Opinion on web Design

Hello folks, i want to ask for the opinion of the designer crowd so i can have a professional insight, here is the deal right now i develop for web and for desktop - i've been doing some minor jobs on webdeveloping and full time developing an ERP on a small sized company. but i'm completelly unmotivated right now with Developing, i don't want to completelly quit development but i want to work on "simpler" stuff, I'm tired of dealing with overly complicated , badly done , hard to use , ugly looking corporate application, developing websites and aplications for web seems much more fun and insteresting!

I know about Webstandarts, CSS , Javascript/Dom and a lot of other stuff , i'm just insecure about my designs and if i should pursue this area.

I compiled a list of my tests and works , i know most of them could be better , but still i would like to know , if i have any hope, if i should invest my time , and what am i missing.

PS: My work is in portuguese because i'm Brazilian:
I'm on a similar boat my friend, give a shot if it burns inside, web developing is as complicated as making a ERP, trust me. But its a freer zone, with lots of possibilities.
Seems we three are on the same boat,with the same question in our mind. Shocked

Well,me too deciding to go into web designing field but i feel i lack that creativeness inside me.
I feel i can't think like others...Whenever i see other websites ,i simply fall in love with tha.this makes me think that its quite a hard profession... Sad

but wrking as a freelancer is something i found better.!! Laughing
Ghost Rider103
Did you forget to link us to some of your work so we can critique you? I didn't see a link or any pictures (the link in your sig doesn't work either).

You don't necessarily need to think like other people to be a successful designer. Most successful designers come up with their own unique designs. You won't be successful copying other designers styles. Don't be afraid to try something new.
People always think the grass is greener on the other side and that the next guy is always having way more fun than they are. Truth is, even if you land your dream job, doing exactly what motivates you and turns you on, sooner or later down the line, it may be a year, it may a week, you're going to run in tedious mediocre thankless banality because that's just how life balances it's scales. For every success, there's always just one pitfall waiting to trip you up. As far as web development goes, if you bare the hours of eye squinting proof reading stuff you've already written four times, arrays of meaningless gibberish that doesn't actually function yet breaks all your code if you remove it, the uncommented, depreciated, overnight updates and being wired on caffeine for the rest of your life, stick with it. The money is good. Otherwise...

Do what you love and the money will follow.
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