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Your top 10 favourite songs!!!! Post here

Hi all.
Let us share our music knowledge with each other.
Just list down the top 10 favourite song of yours. Razz

Well, Mine are:
1. Linkin Park - One step Closer
2. Deftones - Change
3. Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong
4. The matrix Theme
5. Limp Bizkit - Hot Dog
6. Fat Boy Slim - Right Here
7. Metallica - I disappear
8. Metallica - No leaf clover
9. Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos
10. Back Street Boys - Larger Than Life

What are yours ????
My top 10. Ok, but keep in mind that these are not in order:
(1.) Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends.
(2.) Green Day - Cast Away.
(3.) Unwritten Law - Save Me.
(4.) Unwritten Law - Seeing Red.
(5.) Rush - 2112 (all 7 parts).
(6.) Rush - The Fountain of Lamneth (all 6 parts).
(7.) Rush - The Spirit of Radio.
(8.) Rush - Crossroads.
(9.) Credence Clearwater Revival - Looking Out My Back Door.
(10) Journey - Don't Stop Believing.

I could keep going for about another 140 songs, but I don't want to, plus, it would just take time and I doubt many people would read through the whole list. I do commend the people who would though (even though they're not going to).
1. Easier To Run - Linkin Park
2. Faint - Linkin park
3. One Step Closer - Linkin Park
4. Numb - Linkin Park
5. Unforgivable Sinner - Lene Marlin
6. Dead To The World - Nightwish
7. Nemo - Nightwish
8. Schrei - Tokio Hotel
9. Emerald Sword - Rhapsody
10. See Who I Am - Within Temptation

Linkin Park is greate... still I love nightwish and Within Temptation, and still Evanescence
Woah.........dan751 i have heard green day is good must listen to it....
And soulman big LP fan eh??? Me too. Wink
I disagree with whoever told you Green Day was good music...too simple...but anyway here is the list:

1. Mr. Robato - Styx
2. Come Sail Away - Styx
3. Damned if I do - Alan Parsons Project
4. All These Things that I've Done - The Killers
5. Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
6. Everything is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack
7. Castle Walls - Styx
8. Superstars - Styx
9. The Grand Finale - Styx
10. Do Things My Way - Styx
whplace wrote:
Woah.........dan751 i have heard green day is good must listen to it....
And soulman big LP fan eh??? Me too. Wink

yeah, I get crazy for 'em these days... their music is hot and the lyrics is pretty clean. every single song is expressing the feeling of our young crowd. very fit for me~ Wink Wink Wink
1. Dying Song - John Frusciante
2. You Know Your Right - Nirvana
3. Song To Sing When I'm Lonely - John Frusciante
4. In Relief - John Frusciante
5. Like A Rollin' Stone - Bob Dylan
6. Take A Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed
7. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
8. Sweet Transvestite - From the movie "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
9. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
10. Lullaby - The Cure
1. D-Devils - 6th Gate
2. Dj Outblast - Masters Symphony
3. Dj Panda It's a Dream
4. Angerfist - Yes yes
5. V-D vs Angerfist - Ultra Hard mix
6. Base Alert - Zoo
7. Neophyte & Evil Activities- One of these days
8. Angerfist - World will shiver.
9. Dj Promo - My Claim To Fame
10. Charly en Theo - Wonderfulldays
1 - Sean Paul - We Be Burnin
2 - The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Lie
3 - Akon - Mr. Lonly
4 - Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure
5 - Usher - Caught Up
6 - Ameria - One Thing
7 - Akon - Ft Nas-Locked up
8 - Brandy - Afrodisiac
9 - Snoop Dogg & Pharell - Sign
10- Shaggy - Ready Fi Di Ride

10. Green Day - Letterbomb
9. Slipknot - Before I forget
8. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang
7. Vampire Heart - H-I-M
6. Helena - MCR
5. Billy Talent - Line and Sinker
4. System of a down - Cigaro
3. Rip off the wings of a butterfly - H-I-M
2. Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams
1. X!nk - de vriendschapband
whplace wrote:
Hi all.
Let us share our music knowledge with each other.
Just list down the top 10 favourite song of yours. Razz

1: The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (Eiffel 65 Mix)
2: euro__status_quo-in_the_army_now_2005
4: elektrika+guitarboyisdead
8:Various Artists - Hardclub Vol.4
1. One Step Closer - Linkin Park
2. With You - Linkin Park
3. WYH>You - Linkin Park
4. Jessica Simpson - Be
5. Lindsay Lohan - Magnet
6. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
7. Evan & Jaron - The Distance
8. Mandy Moore - Only Hope
9. Britney Spears - Over To You Now
10. James Blunt - You're Beautiful
Wow... a lot of Linkin Park fans here... Here my top 10 favorite songs in no particular order either...

1. Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
2. Jimmy Eat World - Just Watch the Fireworks
3. Death Cab for Cutie - Expo '86
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge
5. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
6. Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
7. Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
8. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
9. Tool - Schism
10. The Juliana Theory - Do You Believe

actually, it's too hard to list my top 10 favorite songs... but these are among some of my favorite songs though...
Man I like so many different songs I am not sure i can choose 10 to set aside from the rest.
Hmmm. I will just put 10 I like these not neccessarily my fav.

1. Sad but True, Metallica
2. Don't tread on me, Metallica
3. Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin
4. Wonderwall, by Oasis
5. Cinnamon Girl, Neil Young
6. The Sweater Song, by Weezer
7. Schools out for summer, Alice Cooper
8. All Alan Jackson Songs, yes I like country(gah)
9. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
10. Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix
Yes i also like Greenday, especially the song Wake me up when Septembet ends, and I like Linkin park quite a bit too ,however I haven't listened to them lately! Well as you probably can tell from the diverse picks I could of went on forever but I will stop there cause i doubt anyone is getting much use from this anyway.
01 Numb - Linkin Park
02 Unforgivable Sinner - Lene Marlin
03 See Who I Am - Within Temptation
04 Lullaby - The Cure
05 Akon - Lonly
06 Green Day - Boulevard of broken dreams
07 Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
08 Linkin Park - With You
09 Metallica - One
10 James Blunt - You're Beautiful
My favourites (not in order):

AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Akon - Ft Nas-Locked up
MetallicA - Sad but True
Madonna - Hung Up
Baracuda - Ass Up Ep
Bratz - So Good
Mira Craig - Headhunted
Kent - The Hjärta & Smärta EP
The Pussycat Dolls - Stick Wit U
"Hollaback Girl," Gwen Stefani

"Hate It Or Love It" The Game f/50 Cent

"Oh!," Ciara f/Ludacris

"Just A Lil' Bit," 50 Cent

"We Belong Together," Mariah Carey

"Lonely No More," Rob Thomas

"Since U Been Gone," Kelly Clarkson

"Don't Phunk With My Heart," Black Eyed Peas

"Slow Down," Bobby Valentino

"Lonely," Akon
1. Enjoy the silence - Depeche Mode
2. Nymphetamine - Burzum
3. Det Som engang Var - Burzum
4. Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom
5. Sacrifice - London After Midnight
6. Lost wisdom - Burzum
7. Spider and fly - London after Midnight
8. From Darkest Skies - My Dying Bride
9. Tentative - System of a Down
10. Purify - Lacuna Coil
Hehe, mines are unique i guess Very Happy

1. Craig David - 7 Days
2. KC & JoJo - All My Life
3. Kanye West - Family Business
4. Black Starr (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) - Redefinition
5. Eminem - I Am
6. Greenday - Jesus of Suburbia
7. Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening
8. Avenged Sevenfold - Strength of the World
9. Hidden in Plain View - 20 Below
10. Eminem - When I'm Gone
My top 10 songs:

1. Eagles- Desperado
2. Eagles- Hotel California
3. Eagles- Take it easy
4. Queen- We are the Champions
5. Queen- Another one bites the dust
6. Robert Gordon- FIRE!!
7. Tamaki Nami- Reason
8. Rie Tanaka- Fields of hope
9. Mika Arisaka- Life goes on
10. Spongebob- Spongebob theme song

Thats about it.
ACDC-Thunder Struck
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
Led Zeppelin-Stairway to heaven
Beetles-Hey Jude
Allman Brother Band-Ramblin Man
Van Halen- Eruption
Van Halen- Panama
Led Zeppelin- Whole Lot Of Love
Aerosmith- Pink
I could list over 100 really easy I have over 2 gigs of music lol
but this isn't like i said every favorite
1.)Metallica-Sad but true
2.) about any other Metallica song (just not st. anger)
3.Aerosmith-Walk this way
6.Weezer-Beverly Hills
7.Led Zepplin Stairway to Heaven
8.Ozzy-Crazy Train (absolutely LOVE playing this song)
9.)3 doors down Road Im on
10.)Van Halen "Ain't talkin' bout' love"

woah Kai we have simular interest in music Very Happy I think we posted at the same exact time too
1 - last train home (lostprophets)
2- muscle museum (muse)
3- the fake sound of progress (lostprophets)
4- creamer (limp bizkit)
5- I never told...(my chemical romance)
6- fantasy (30 seconds to mars)
7- i let go (18visions)
8- passive (a paerfect circle)
9- citizen erased (muse)
10-dont pray (tim skold)
1. Aishitene motto - Aiko Kayou
2. Perfect - Simple Plan
3. Appears - Ayumi Hamasaki
4. Sayonara solitaire - Chrno Crusade Anime
5. Angels - Within Temptation
6. Eccentric - After Forever
7. Thoughtless - Evanescence (Korn cover)
8. Slept so long - Jay Gordon
9. Forsaken - David Draiman
10. Distance - Utada Hikaru
1. Smogus - Stop & Think*
2. System Of A Down - Tentative
3. Ambiossis - Counter-Clockwise
4. Godsmack - Straight Out Of Line
5. Linea 77 - KEt.CH.UP SUi.Ci.DE
6. Ambiossis - Three Leaved Clover
7. Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
8. Recbow - Dead End
9. System Of A Down - Soldier Side (Hypnotize Version)
10. Face Tomorrow - My World Within

*New song of Smogus, It hasn't been recorded but I heard it a few times live, it's fantastic!
1.linkin park - from the inside , numb , faint
2.Metallica - nothing else matters
3.enrique iglesias - escape
4.Cilekes - Y.O.K
5.Direc-t - Hasret
6.Akon - Ghetto
7.Haluk levent - yandirdin kalbimi
8.Tarkan - dön bebegim
9.Hoobastank - the raeson
10.Mario - let me love you
Laughing Very Happy
1. Mark Knopfler - Going Home
2. Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
3. Gorillaz - DARE
4. Queen - Bohamian Rhapsody
5. Alex Lloyd - Amazing
6. Denis Leary - ******
7. The Wiseguys - Start The Commotion
8. N-Trance - Stayin' Alive 95
9. Mason Williams - Classical Gas
10. Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley - (I've Had The) Time of My Life
Mmmm that's hard. My favorites always change except my no. 1.

1.Tonight- Def Leppard
2.Rock On- David Essex. I just recently discovered this song and can't stop playing it
3.Reelin' In the years- Steely Dan
4.Generation Landslide- Alice Cooper. Another song I just discovered, even though I have always been an Alice fan, I just recently got a record player so I could listen to my Vinyl copy of "Billion Dollar Babies"
5. Hey Now- Tantric
6. Over the Hills and Far Away- Led Zeppelin. The guitar melody in this song is absolutely beautiful. When I learn to play guitar this is the first song that I want to play.
7. You Want It All- Silvertide
8. Heartstrong- Silvertide. This is an amazing song by a great new band. anyone who has not heard them yet and is a rock fan should definately pick up their debut album. I have every faith that they will be big someday very soon.
9. No Matter What- Def Leppard. This is a cover by the Badfinger song released in the 60's. Def Leppard has the amazing ability to take a song by amother artist and make it their own, and this one is so amazing you would almost think it WAS their song.
10. Devil's Food/Black Widow- Alice Cooper. Nothing captures Alice's wonderful writing abilities quite link this two-song combo. It's funny and serious at the same time. And every Alice fan can recite the monologue from this song.
1. Green Day - time of your Life
2. Green Day - Minority
3. Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia
4. Simple Plan - Untiteld
5. Bon Jovi - to be Number 1
6. Bon Jovi - Everyday [Accoustic ver]
7. The calling - wherever you will go [accoustic and the original one, both of them ^^]
8. Aerosmith - Don't wanna miss a thing
9. Chantal Creviazuk - Leaving on a jetplane [so sorry if I'm missple her name]
10. Ayumi Hamasaki - Evolution
Not that anyone will bother to look through and see my list, I'll just say 10 random songs from led zepplin, those guys seriously rocked.
1. 10's (Pantera)
2. Angry Chair (Alice In Chains)
3. Hate To Feel (Alice In Chains)
4. Turnaround (Nirvana's cover, not Devo's original)
5. Boys Lie Girls Steal (Slow Roosevelt)
6. Check My Brain (Alice In Chains)
7. Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix)
8. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
9. Devour (Shinedown)
10. Tourette's (Nirvana)
To me, the top list should be changeable. The current one,
1. [Chinese] Huhuan - alan
2. [Japanese] 風に向かう花 - alan
3. [Japanese] Diamond - alan
4. [Japanese] 恵みの雨 - alan
5. [Thai] Gun Lae Gun - Pchy
6. [Japanese] Every Heart - BoA
7. [Japanese] No More Words - 浜崎あゆみ
8. [Japanese] 懐かしい未来 - alan
9. [Japanese] ひとつ - alan
10. [Japanese] Time after Time ~花が舞う町で~ - 蒼木麻衣
10. Micheal Jackson - Thriller
9. The Scorpions - No One Like You
8. Nirvana - Scentless Apprentice
7. Queen - The Show Must Go On
6. Ozzy Osbourne - Goodbye to Romance
5. The Doors - Touch Me
4. Bush - Everything Zen
3. Nine Inch Nails - Sin
2. The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight , Tonight
1. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
1. My Way Home is Through You- My Chemical Romance
2. Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars
3. This is War- 30 Seconds to Mars
4. Knives and Pens- Black Veil Brides
5. Welcome to the Black Parade- My Chemical Romance
6. I Write Sin Not Tragedies- Panic! at the Disco
7. The Ballad of Mona Lisa- Panic! at the Disco
8. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
9. The Kids of Yester Day- My Chemical Romance
10. Stronger- 30 Seconds to Mars
i love taylor swift songs so thats what most of these are going to be
1.sparks fly:taylor swift
2.ours:taylor swift
3.we owned the night:i forgot who wrote it
4.i don't want this night to end:i fotgot who wrote it:i forgot who wrote most of these song so i will stop saying them
5.good girl
6.tatoos on this town:jason aldean
8.endless love
9.someone like you belong with me:by taylor swift
i have like 430 more but that would be a waste of time plus nobody would look at all of them but if you would then i would post them but im not going too. Embarassed Laughing Cool Wink
Here's are my Top 10 songs for the first quarter of 2012:
  1. Avril Lavigne - Push [video]
  2. Json - It's Alright (feat. Mikeschair) [audio]
  3. David DiMuzio - (I'll Do Anything) Para sa 'Yo (feat. Top Suzara) [video]
  4. Kelly Clarkson - What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) [video]
  5. Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up [video]
  6. Krissy & Ericka - 12:51 [video]
  7. We Are Leo - Supernova Sunrise [video]
  8. Train - Drive By [video]
  9. Plumb - Drifting (feat. Dan Haseltine) [video]
  10. Taylor Swift - Ours [video]
I regularly update my list on my blog: One Pebble Cab
Here's my top 10 songs (in no particular order)

Thunder (Boys like Girls)
Emily (From First to Last)
Tagpuan (Kamikazee)
Gone so young (Amber Pacific)
Teardrops on my Guitar (Taylor Swift)
The Last Song (All-American Rejects)
Ulan (Rivermaya)
Your song (Parokya ni Edgar)
Goodbye to you (Michelle Branch)
Your Guardian Angel (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)
whplace wrote:
Hi all.
Let us share our music knowledge with each other.
Just list down the top 10 favourite song of yours. Razz

Well, Mine are:
1. Linkin Park - One step Closer
2. Deftones - Change
3. Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong
4. The matrix Theme
5. Limp Bizkit - Hot Dog
6. Fat Boy Slim - Right Here
7. Metallica - I disappear
8. Metallica - No leaf clover
9. Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos
10. Back Street Boys - Larger Than Life

What are yours ????

Linkin park -Faint , Crawling , Somewhere i belong , burn it down , a place for my head , beneath my skin , never back down
Black veil brides - set the world on fire
Black veil brides - Carolyn
Black veil brides - God bless you
Black veil brides - New religion
Black veil brides - unbroken
Black veil brides - Knives and pens
This is a real tough one, and has obviously changed over the years. But here goes, this is my top 10 at the moment.

In no particular order:

Master Of Puppets - Metallica
Fuel - Metallica
In Waves - Trivium
Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns 'n' Roses
Zombie Eaters - Faith No More
Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden
Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - Van Halen
Hello ,

My top 10 of songs is most Pop
Here it comes

1- Gunter - Ding dong song
2- bingo Players - Cry ( Just a little )
3- David guetta - Turn me on
4- Sjaak FT ? - Krokabil
5- Nicky ... - Starships
6- Partyteam - De soldaat
7- BZB - echte vrienden
8- Dj carlo - Dont worry be happy
9- SNDT10 - Its time for the beat
10 - New kids - Turbo

Why this question ? Looking for new music ?

Oh dear, where do I start?

1. Apocalyptica - Hope
The rhythm and harmony of this song is just simply amazing. It comes together so well and it makes you think you are in a movie and it's so amazing. By far my favorite song of the ten I am going to list.

2. Apocalyptica - Pray
Another by Apocalyptic, this song is a more intense symphony of a song with heavy metal riffs, and it makes you think that you are in an action packed movie or a very intense fight, simply amazing.

3. Apocalyptica/Metallica - One
Might as well list both versions of the song here:
Apocalyptica's was done purely with Cellos and it comes together so well, it just sounds amazing. It's by far one of the best covers of the song that anyone has ever done.

The song itself by Metallica is by far Metallica's best song that he's ever done, starting off as a power ballad and going into a heavy metal song, with amazing lyrics to go with it. Very good song.

4. Avantasia - Lost in Space
Now this song, I don't exactly know how to explain it. A song that starts off sounding very suspenseful then going into a piano/guitar riff combo, it's just a good song. Really good lyrics too. Love it.

5. Children of Bodom - Angels Don't Kill
First off, this song is screamo, but it's also Melodic Death Metal. This song, especially the beginning, has that feeling that you are in a movie and are about to go into a very intense fight. It has a good combination of strings and electric guitar, synthesizers and piano, it is a very good song, if you can get past the screamo.

6. DragonForce - Seasons (Acoustic)
First off, this song has one of the best acoustic parts I've ever heard of a song. The new singer also performs really well in this song, and overall, a great song.

7. Hollywood Undead - Coming Back Down
This song is really good. Only song with no language by the band and great lyrics. Got a great track as well.

8. Papa Roach - Time is Running Out
Papa Roach is a great band and this song doesn't disappoint. It's got great lyrics and a really good track.

9. Secondhand Serenade - Fall for You
Just listen to this song and you'll see why I like it. Great track, beautiful lyrics... need I say more?

10. Zebrahead - Survivor
An interesting pick for me, as I don't listen to rap that often, but this rap song doesn't disappoint. Its got a good metal mix for a rap song and good lyrics.

Phew, big post. These are my top ten songs, and why.
1. Bruno - Billionaire
2. Bruno - Nothin on You
3. B.o.B - So Good
4. B.o.B - Airplanes
5. Linkin Park - Faint
6. Linkin Park - In the End
7. Skillet - Monster
8. Skillet - Hero
9. Bruno - Grenade
10. Souja - kiss me thru the Phone
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