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DVD Playback via external projector

Got a call today from a user wondering why a DVD movie playback was just a black box when viewed via an external projector connected to the VGA port of a laptop. I had them verify that they were using Windows Media Player and they were. We then looked at TOOLS | OPTIONS | PERFORMCE to verify that video acceleration was set to the highest setting. It was. We then checked the ADVANCED settings in the same location to verify that overlays were turned on. They were. What to do next? You can see the entire desktop, even WMP, just cant see the DVD playback.

Any ideas out there?

My Idea is mess aroudn with the cables. Try to change the source of the video output.
i agree with the above. Check the cables, try swaping with a different cable.

Another thing, try to check to see if the projector has different inputs. I know the ones at my school do such as a VGA in and several A/V ins so it could be that the projector isnt set to display the VGA input.

Another possibility could be the projector. Could be the bulb or lens, i know a few of my friends whos projectors have not worked with the same problem and it was one or the other, or both.
If I understand this correctly, you are able to see the desktop on the projector screen correctly, but when playing a DVD it is not showing.

This suggests that the overlay is not being output to the projector. Some laptops will only allow overlay to one screen at a time, defaulting to the built in screen. There should be a key combination to change where the screen displays (often Fn + F4) so it toggles between LCD only , LCD + Projector, Projector only. Try setting it to projector only, then you should be able to see the DVD playback.

If this does not work, then updating the video drivers may help. Let us know what laptop this is so we can offer more specific advice.
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