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why my computer's getting slower day by day?and it became more noisy than ever before and i didn't do anything on it``````

why``````because its age???
Billy Hill
zzly202 wrote:
why my computer's getting slower day by day?and it became more noisy than ever before and i didn't do anything on it``````

why``````because its age???

age, spyware, virii. Could be lots of things.
you need to tighten up your computer's screws Laughing hehehe also you need to clean your fan becuase dusts sticks on it and it gives a squeeking sound..try scanning and defraging your computer daily
Format your hard drive and reinstall Windows you're computer will be faaster.
There's problly many reason, but heres what i know what to do. Reinstall windows. like was already mentioned, clean your fans and any other dust, but also make sure you remove anything you can like ram chips and clean them. CAREFULLY!. find like a DRY baby wipe and use that. NOT A PAPER TOWEL, and for gods sakes not toilet paper..tried that once... Anyway clean off the contacts and use cotton swabs in the computer contacts themselves. try and clean around the cpu as well, if you can. And if you have some extra money to spend you might even wanna go buy some more ram for your comp. It'll be the best way to speed up your compy. GOOD LUCK AND STAY OFF THE CARPET! or you'll be buying a new computer all together.
it's better to re-install your winodws system 1-2 times a year.
you can always try a linux/BSD system.
they are way faster compared to windows
(and more secured/have package mangement / free / more)
WEll windows does gets slower with time. Try to defragment the hard drive and do try out some registry cleaner. I myself uses system mechanics and remove the junk files from time to time. Try it out and you will have a better speed.
If you like, format your harddrive.
I'll share some tips with you, as i had same problems (allmost everyone has them). Find a cron job tool, automative tool or just use windows sheduled tasks. Download a good defragmentation tool like O&O defrag, registry cleaner (jv16, registry cleaner etc.), spyware remover (Search and destroy is free and good, Spy sweeper is very good). What you cant make automatik from the program do with a shedule task, Make sure everything is done ones every week.

A good firewall is must have too. I personaly used an old pentium mmx pc with IpCop linux, but software firewalls are good too.

In last place the screaming fan: It happens mainly because dust, clean your pc one in a while. I've thinked of a way to stop the dust, but you can't make it with every pc box, and i'm not sure how to explain it in english.
Backup Data and Format HDD . Easier way rather than removing spyware , viruses and ....
Yes, of course you can reinstall and keep reinstalling.... Razz

Some little tips to improve the performance of your computer:
  • Do not save all your downloads on your hard drive.
  • Backup your documents once a month... it depends of your download activity of course.
  • Defragment your harddrive every 2 weeks. If you do not know how to do this, read this article.
  • Clean your temporary files once a week. (Once again, it depends on your computer activity level Very Happy )
    You can do this with a little super program called CCleaner.

    1. Hit the cleaner button.

    2. Click the Analyze button.

    3. All the found items will be listed, Click the Run Cleaner button.

  • Clean your registry! Use CCleaner again. With this program there is no danger at all. One thing, also for the cleaner part, you can choose the things that have to be cleaned (temps/registry) Some of those things are unchecked by default. NEVER check unchecked items.

    1. Hit the Issues button.

    2. Click the Scan for issues button.

    3. Click the Fix Selected Issues... button.

    4. You will be asked whether you want to save a .reg file, if you would ever experience any problems after cleaning the registry, all the removed registry keys will be set back into the registry if you double click the reg-file. I save the .reg files in my CCleaner directory in Program Files.
    So, hit YES. (Yes is Ja in dutch Very Happy)

    5. Click the Fix All Selected Issues button.

  • Uninstall software you don't need. As I am a software freek, I know what it is to have a huge software list, and when your looking at your software list, you realise there are a lot of programs you don't use anymore. One solution: UNINSTALL THEM!!! (and clean the registry every time you have uninstalled a program, they always leave some trash behind... Very Happy)

  • Startup items. Most installed programs add theirselves to the startup list... result: windows needs a lot of time to load... you can go and get coffee and have breakfast... and after that, there might be a slight chance your computer has done loading Very Happy
    Press the windows key on your keyboard, hold it down and press R.
    A small window will pop up. Type msconfig and hit enter.
    Go to the startup tab of the msconfig program. You will see a list of exe-files that all load at windows startup... Next question: Which items I may uncheck? Type the name of the exe in the box on this website and the site will tell you whether you can uncheck the item. Uncheck all unnecessary items. Don't uncheck all of them!. Some things are usefull for windows you know Very Happy .

  • Anti Virus:
    - Don't use a huge anti virus like norton on a slow system. Use a scanner with low system resource usage. Like AVG, AV AntiVir, NOD32...
    - Scan your system for threats... I mean a FULL SYSTEM SCAN!

  • Anti Spyware: If anything slows your system down, it is spyware. Use a good scanner! I combine Spybot with Microsoft Anti Spyware. A deadly combination, for spyware of course. Laughing
    If the problem persists, you will need help from spyware experts. ( like at Nucia Laughing ) Those people will help you. You will need to post hijack this logs and they will give you a very clear explanation on how to remove the threat.

  • Those things will help a lot, but after some time you will need to reinstall windows.... Very Happy

James Smile
Like they said, using CCleaner is a good idea to speed up a computer. Registry cleaning is good, and defragmentation is a must. But sometimes, a common thing that slows down a computer is applications. If you have 5 applications running while listening to music and playing a resource heavy game, of course its going to lag alot. A good idea is too limit what programs startup when you boot your machine, and what keeps running. Even if it does not show in the taskbar, it will show up in the taskmanager processes. Uninstall programs you don't use, do virus and spyware checks, and fix your virtual memory. The standard virtual memory in WinXP and Win2000 isn't enough. 256 of ram needs atleast 1756 mb of virtual memory, in my experience. 1 gb of memory combined isn't going to cut it. But too much will not be neccessarily better. as long as the combined total of the virtual ram and physical ram is around 2 gb (atleast for a mainstream system, I'm not talking bout heavy artillary, like alienwares and Voodoos), it should be way faster.
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