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Interesting things to do on 22nd Birthday

Next month I will be turning 22, but I really have no idea what I should do to celebrate. I recently graduated from university and have moved back to my hometown (temporarily), and because of this my social circle has decreased by a staggering amount, leaving my rager party days to a dull roar. I only have a couple close friends that I hang out with now. Plus I'm single (which of course has it's perks, but on a birthday it feels nice to have somebody to be close to). And so I guess my question to you guys is, what is the best way for a single 22 year old college grad to spend his birthday?

Suggestions are much appreciated!
Depending on where you live you can take in a good comedy show with friends...but most of all...Survive till your 23rd!

Happy Birthday ahead of time. Smile
road trip?? if you just graduated and dont have a job sounds like a perfect time for a road trip to meet up with everyone you left behind.
Apparently when I was born on the 22nd my grand dad bet on No. 22 horse at the horse races, and it won! So who knows, maybe 22 could be lucky for you too? If you are that way inclined, maybe you could visit a casino and try out your luck? Smile
Don't know if there is any special meaning for 22nd birthday in your country, for me it may be as the same as other birthdays I had.

By the way, I am also stepping into the age of twenty soon Very Happy
Not having gotten to 22 yet, I can't speak from experience but I can say what I think would be a good idea.

Actually not being the partying type I would do nothing or just go to a movie though I would not recommend going to a casino and end up loosing your money on your birthday.
I am not a big birthday person, I mean really it's just like another day. I live everyday like my birthday. I guess if you don't do fun things on a regular basis it could be an excuse to go do something you like.
Vrythramax wrote:
...but most of all...Survive till your 23rd!

Good advice, Max! I have known a few that did not make home from the party. So however you decide to celebrate "22", be careful, out there.

My 22nd, I spent with family and a few friends. Had a nice dinner.
The same way you'd hopefully spend any other day: doing what you love, with the people you love.

(Ick. I felt like slapping myself just for typing that ...)
i am a firm believer that ANY birthday celebration should involve alcohol. And lots of it. Grab what few friends you do have there (or shit, go solo if you want) and hit up our favorite bar, or a fun dive bar somewhere. Get shit drunk, talk to people, celebrate. And of course, there must be cake.
Do whatever you want? It's not as grand as the 18th birthday anyway
Haha, I've got a very stupid idea, but trust me it should be fun.

As you've come back to your home town, make you presence be felt, how you may ask, well, my suggestion is that you prank all your neighbours, friends and who not!

As you don't have a lot of friends along with you, this idea should be alright. Make a group and seek your targets, it will surely be a day you'll never forget, and after the prank you can either reveal that you are the culprit while saying something like 'look who's back', or you can just leave it as a mystery...

In the night you can have the usual dining with drinks
This may sound a bit childish, but I think we should allow our inner child to get out sometimes, and what time could be better than your own birthday?
22nd Birthday is great to spend with friends, either at home, or at a bachelor pad, or at a bar / club.

happy Birthday in advance, and have a great birthday!
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