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not a common story

I married her for a year and we got divorced so married her cousin to whom she was engaged before me. He divorced her 9 months later. After that once again we got married and the problem is after 32 years I regret what I called my life's mistake. I'm right or I'm not? please help with your answer thank you.
You must forget the past and live in the present. Whether it was mistake or not doesn't matter after that long time span of 32 years.
You've made certain decisions in the past that affect you today, but you probably thought before you took a certain path in life, right? Therefore in the past it was probably the best decision, since you weren't able to look into the future.

So yeah, regret until you turn blue if you want to, but your decisions were not a mistake!
Plus, after so many years, why bother thinking about it anyway? Life's ahead, you're still young, focus on the present.

My 2 cents.
32 years is more than enough time to forgive yourself. Enjoy your present, that's what you have.
iyepes wrote:
32 years is more than enough time to forgive yourself. Enjoy your present, that's what you have.

Agreed. Just live with what you have. If you have been there for 32 years then i'm sure your happy so why challenge that thought?
Don't look at your mistakes as something to regret, they've taught you lessons, all of them, and if you truly learn from them you'll become a stronger and wiser person.
Never hold on to a past you've found yourself unable to change - look forward to the future you know you can shape yourself.

I have a saying I tell myself sometimes - "If I never experience the painful bits of life, how can I ever truly know the beautiful times" - for that reason, the painful bits are important for our lives, think how bored we'd get with perfection if we never messed up!

...take any past pain and let it teach you how wonderful it is the next time a new girl looks at you in a special way, or smiles at something you say - the futures bright, unknown and far more exciting than any inquest over what you may or may not have done in the past Smile
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