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Samsung Galaxy Tab- An iPad killer?

When Samsung launched the Galaxy tab the TechGurus declared it to be the iPad killer but the claims the truth in the claims could not be verified. The device launched with some absolutely stunning features and it was almost a certainty that the device will hit the tablet market very hard. After the release at IFA recently concluded in Berlin the tab has really made big news and we here decided to take a closer look at the tab on our review table.
One of the easiest ways of capturing memories is clicking Photos and an even easier technique is making videos, camcorders (A camcorder (video camera recorder) is an electronic device that combines a video camera and a video recorder into one unit. In order to differentiate a camcorder from other devices that are capable of recording video, like cell phones and compact digital cameras, a camcorder is generally identified as a portable device having video capture and recording as its primary function. Camcorders contain 3 major components: lens, imager, and recorder. The lens gathers and focuses light on the imager. The camcorder converts incident light into an electrical signal. Finally, the recorder converts the electric signal into video and encodes it into a storable form. More commonly, the optics and imager are referred to as the camera section) are fastly gaining popularity as the most favourite device to gather memories.
If you are browsing tis page on your laptop there is a high probability that you are browsing on a dell device, Dell has very quickly risen to the top of the of laptop manufacturing business and is planning to stay there for a long-long time, atleast that is what is seems like because the company is getting ready to release the new lineup of Studio XPS laptops, the ones that had made great news in the market when they were launched last time around, which includes two models – Studio XPS 15 and Studio XPS 17 – which will become available for purchase on November 2010 in France. Since the leak has come from far off Europe it would not be very difficult to believe that the release will be centered at the European continent only (atleast for now and later on spread over to the other parts of the world).
Although not much is known about the devices we can guess a few of the specs that have been leaked. The processor that these devices shall be carrying will be the prized Intel Core i7 which is said to have doubled the performance measure of so many recently launched devices. Also it will be carrying an nVidia graphics card and dual hard-drives with a maximum storage capacity of 1.5TB. While the XPS 15 model can have up to 8GB of memory RAM and a 15-inch screen, the XPS 17 is better and has a17-inch screen with the memory RAM that can go up to 16GB. Other features include HDMI, USB 3.0, WiFi, Bluetooth, and JBL speakers.
I've heard that it's a very nice piece of hardware, and can definitely compete with the iPad. The only problem is that it's going for about $1000 without a service plan.
price will determine its position in market share. something more than 500$ is not a good option in my opinion.
Price is a major factor in this device's success. I wouldn't purchase it if it were $500 with a 2-year contract.
This tablet market is a niche, so getting a big seller isn't easy. And it's even harder because these tablets have to compete with Apple. The iPad is only successful because Apple marketed it very well, and like the iPhone, it has some cultural advantages. Just like the case with the iPhone, there are many better devices out there than the iPad (personally I've been pushing the Viliv S10) and the Galaxy Tab is certainly one of them. I prefer the smaller screen, and it has more RAM, cameras, the ability to be used as a phone, and it runs the much more open Android OS (that does have flash support). Will it outsell the iPad? Most likely not. Will the entire arsenal of Android based tablets (eg. Dell Streak) outsell the iPad? Quite possibly.
So, the Galaxy Tab is $649 with no contract. A bit pricey eh? I mean, its competitor is only $500 Cool
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