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So there I was, a mere youngblood in the burgeoning age of the dot-com bubble. I made Christmas lists on etoys, and saw ads to get my own "internet toolbox" for a measly $500.

That was when Pat (Not yet Pat the Great) had an inspiration: He would have a website.

Initial attempts were lackluster. The first learning curve was understanding how the internet worked, it's mechanics, and this odd concept of "hosting." FreeWebs was used, and more than one website was brought back down when the page made in Word would not show pictures (I now know that it had to do with the fact that my computer's directories do not match exactly those of the host's).

An early success was a website that detailed the plethora of things to do with a film canister. However, there was no backup, and that data was lost due to inactivity.

It was then that I discovered what Hyper-Text Markup Language was. I quickly got a hold of it by using WebMonkey's HTML cheatsheet (All you need, really). Flash sites with stolen javascript were put up with the free hosting offered by Comcast. was used to shorten URLs. A friend mentioned the existence of a mystical thing called "CSS." I realized that the ads were tacky and weren't getting me any money. In short, everything was set to introduce the world to the power of PatTheGreat.

The URL was gained through a Christmas present. The hosting was gained by our very own FriHost. The javascript stolen, er, borrowed. The webpages spit forth from the mind of Pat The Great. I present, my friends:

Purty, ain't it?
Wow. That's really random. The Mars site you link to in "takomas" is particularly odd. You may consider adding descriptions to the links on your site so that people know what they want to go to.
I tried to add descriptions once. When the first thing I tried didn't work, I eventually gave up.

And that page was in response to a page I wrote about how Mars Sucks. My friend, Takomas, thinks more highly of mars than I do.
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