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Have you got Google Analytics on Your Site


I am having trouble getting Google Analytics working.

If you have Analytics working of your site could you send me a link so I can check your code so I can work out how to get mine going..

Thank you
Or you could use an existing guide, complete with copy-pastable code and all
Google analytics is working fine in all of my pages. And, you maynot be getting enough visitors in your website. The clock icon shows when Google analytics code is installed but it can't get enough data. Anyway, what is your website about? I was just clicking buttons the last time i visited your website! Confused
what is your website about

Right now my site is a note book for all my code and ideas. Not really to be taken too seriously. Although I do intend to make it more usable for other people soon as I can. uDoPage is up more for testing purposes.

The real long term goal is to write a CMS that is web bassed and as an executable. Both to make and share tutorials. is authored with my own tool I made with Delphi which I need to port to a web app.

It all takes time......
I got it going..

In my code I was 1 comma out. Since all the Analytic code comes from one string the bug went thru my site Sad
I use Google Analytics for all my web sites. Its pretty easy to use. Recently they have change the code placement. Now they ask us to put the code inside HEAD tag. I wonder if we add pages to old site where code is in BODY tag, which should add it to HEAD tag or not.
I do use it in all my sites, but are there other tools we can compare GA to?
just go to
For me google analytics takes around 48 hours to fully kick in.
I use wordpress and there is a plug specificly for word press to process all analytics information.
o analytics alem de ajudar muito na contagem de visitantes é muito eficiente ajudando a indexar páginas falo por experiência própria já testei isso várias vezes o código deve ser colocado na head mas se for colocado em qualquer outra parte vai funcionar muito bem leva um tempo para ele começar a trabalhar mas fra isso não há nada melhor.

Google Analytics is good tool. I used it to compare two of my index pages, for better conversion rate.

It gives reports after a month.
Easy to add the code. Just copy and paste as per instructions.
thanks for idea, will try very soon +1
Possum wrote:

I am having trouble getting Google Analytics working.

If you have Analytics working of your site could you send me a link so I can check your code so I can work out how to get mine going..

Thank you

simply use the google example it will work nicely
Do you think it is a good idea to run both analytics and adwords/adsense on the same site?
how is it useful to us? whats the benefit of that?
Do you mean Analytics?
Its very easy to install click add a new account on analytic, it will provide you a code , place the code as wriiten over there, and you are done!
Do you think that working with Analytics ADwords and Adsense together is a good idea or do you think you should use three separate parties for analysis, placement and advertising?
I am also using google analytics. It is very easy to integrate it within a joomla site, since there exist moduls for it, for example J!Analytics.
Google analytics is by far the most feature rich free web statistics solution. Unfortunately, it has so many options that make you crazy. I use it in my e-shop and set goals and metrics. If you are spending money to adsense you surely want to measure the effectiveness of your campaign Smile
i use both web developer tools with analytics... Its a fantastic way to know how content rich your site is, and you can cross reference with the keywords that you are trying to push.
you can go to to download tools. Site Content Analyzer 3 maybe is what you are finding.
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